Always Wanted A Pretty Mauve Lipstick? We've Found You 15 Fabulous Picks!


If you have a choice between pink and mauve lipstick for the holiday season, pick mauve! This deep pale purple colour looks rich, elegant and oh-so-mysterious. Mauve lipsticks for Indian skin tones are plenty and they match most outfit colours. Because this shade looks so grand, keep it for special events like weddings, Christmas balls, family lunches and dinner dates. So if you're convinced to add a mauve lipstick to your makeup kit, we have 15 fabulous options for you. Let's start shopping, shall we?

Here Are The Best Mauve Lipsticks You Should Get Your Hands On!

Whether you’re looking for liquid, bullet or matte mauve lipsticks, you surely will be spoiled for choice! These mauve lipstick shades will not only fetch you a bunch of compliments but will also make you feel like a queen on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here are the best mauve lipsticks to gift yourself or a loved one!

5 Best Mauve Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid matte lipsticks are usually more pigmented than creamy lipsticks and have a longer staying power. Here are the best ones we found:

The LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick by MyGlamm - Draking

This liquid matte lipstick is a nude shade with hints of mauve. It’s highly pigmented, vegan-friendly, smudge-proof and transfer-proof. Enriched with moringa oil, this liquid lipstick won’t dry your lips out, but on the contrary, will keep them supple and pillow-soft. Once you apply it, it stays put on the lips for 12 hours.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick - Medusa

If you love a deeper mauve shade, you should pick this one up. It glides effortlessly on the lips and dries up in seconds. Since most liquid matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips, this one won’t as it has antioxidants and helps to maintain the lips’ hydration. Since this mauve lip shade is such a bold colour, keep the rest of your makeup fresh and minimal and let your painted pout grab all the attention.

Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Mauve Mix

An important fact to take into consideration when bringing home this lipstick is that it has a velvet matte finish, feels feather-light and has an intense, bold colour pay off. This matte mauve lipstick feels so light on the lips, it will make you wonder if you’re wearing any product at all! If you’re left with excess product, you can apply it to your cheeks as it acts as a liquid blush too. 

Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer Proof Liquid Lipstick - Trendy Mauve No.405

This lipstick’s packaging has a very interesting capsule-like design. It’s a long-lasting, transfer-proof lipstick that delivers a creamy matte finish. Did you know that it’s also waterproof? You can drink your favourite poison without worrying if you left behind any lipstick stains on the glass.

Kiro Non-Stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip, Sandy Mauve

There’s a new lipstick brand on the block, and it would be a shame if you didn’t take notice of it yet. This non-stop airy matte liquid lipstick is lightweight, non-sticky, long-lasting and stays put all day! Not to mention, it also has apricot and avocado oil that help to keep the lips hydrated and nourished while looking fabulous at the same time.

5 Best Creamy Mauve Bullet Lipsticks

Bullet lipsticks usually have a creamy texture. If you’re someone who does not like liquid matte lipsticks because they make your pout dry and flaky, not to worry, you can give these creme mauve lipsticks a shot. There is a catch though. While they feel good on the lips, they don’t last for very long as compared to liquid matte lipsticks. You will have to reapply them at least twice or thrice a day. Nevertheless, they make that pout look so damn delicious!

Pose Matte Lipstick By MyGlamm - Nude Mauve

If you think about it, mauve is actually the milky version of lavender. This one of the best mauve lipsticks in the market and makes a great addition to your makeup kit if you like wearing natural and fresh makeup. It has a demi-matte finish, a light-as-air feel and provides intense colour and coverage. Not to mention that this lipstick is loaded with moringa oil and Vitamin E, making it a treat for your lips!

M.A.C Powder Kiss Lipstick - P for Potent

Once you go mauve, you can never go back! This mauve lipstick is a weightless moisture-matte lipstick that has moisturise-coated powder pigments that help to condition and hydrate the lips. It’s the kind of lipstick that can not only be worn to office meetings but to date nights as well. Apart from red, mauve is another lipstick shade that projects confidence and power.

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - Soft Mauve

Tried and tested, this mauve colour lipstick feels like butter on the lips! It’s enriched with Moroccan argan oil and helps to deliver a smooth, silky finish to the pout. Not only does it provide a rich colour to the pout, but it also keeps your lips nourished and hydrated for longer hours. Since it has a smooth, silky finish, it is prone to budging from the lips. To prevent this from happening, always keep tissues around.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Loaded Bold Lipstick - 21 Mauve It

This mauve lipstick for Indian skin tone is not only highly pigmented but also glides on with ease. Unlike most bullet lipsticks, this one does not feather or bleed, on the contrary, it stays put on the lips. However, it’s not food-proof so gently pat some loose powder over it before you step out. 

Kiko Milano Unlimited Stylo - 04 Pearly Rose Mauve

Ladies, take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous lipstick’s packaging. It looks like luxury in the palms of your hands! This mauve colour lipstick is highly pigmented and provides the lips with a semi-matte finish. Not to mention, this lipstick also contains monoi oil and passion fruit extract, that helps to keep your lips smooth, soft and moisturised.

5 Best Ultra Mauve Matte Lipsticks

Earlier we witnessed a mixed bag of lipstick textures and now this section is dedicated to matte lipsticks. The ones that are sleek to hold, light to carry and stay put for long. Let's check them out, shall we?

Disguise Cosmetics 100% Vegan Ultra-Comfort Matte Lipsticks - Mauve Mentor

If you’re someone who is concerned about the environment and your own health, choose this lipstick. It won’t only keep your lips super soft but nourished as well. Packed with Vitamin E, morula, almond, argan and avocado oil, this lipstick is 100% vegan, toxin-free, paraben-free, alcohol and sulphate-free. If you love mauve lipsticks that have purple and plum undertones to them, then this one's for you!

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick - Teddy Bear

If you’re willing to splurge a little, this is one of the best mauve lipsticks in the market. What makes it so special is that it does not bleed or transfer and it is a certified vegan and cruelty-free brand by both, PETA and the leaping bunny. It will do a stellar job at making your lips feel velvety and luxurious. 

Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick - Subtle Mauve 10

Mauve is usually a bold colour, but if you want a subtler version of it, pick this one. It’s not only light and easy to apply, but it’s affordable as well. Enriched with almond, jojoba and Vitamin E oil, this lipstick has ultra-lightweight pigments with a rich colour formula that makes the pout look oh-so-delicious.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick - Spoiler Alert

A little on the pricey side, but they’re worth every penny! This one has a velvety matte formula, stays plush for 8 hours and doesn’t dry out your lips. Did we mention that it has a blend of jojoba, apricot and sunflower oil? You have to try it to believe it. 

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick - 274 Mauve Petal

This matte mauve lipstick from L’Oreal Paris will make you feel and look like royalty. It will not only keep the lips smooth and soft but stay put for a good 24 hours! The active ingredients in this lipstick are jojoba extract and jojoba oil. Since it is a highly pigmented lipstick, it helps to deliver a rich matte finish to the lips.

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Which of these mauve lipsticks are you tempted to buy? We’re sure that you’ve already added most of them to the cart!

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