Skincare Made Easy: 5 Beauty Bloggers To Follow When You're In Need Of Some Skin-spiration


Before the internet, skincare used to sound like one of those boring science textbooks on biology. There was plenty of information around, but the element of 'fun' was missing. Most people felt overwhelmed by the topic simply because it was complex and difficult to understand. They would believe in a beauty brand based on its advertisement and later on, end up with a dodgy product. However, things are different today. Consumers are more informed and aware of the beauty products in the market. They don't trust blindly and are often spotted scrolling through reviews online before making a purchase.

More than ads on TV today, consumers are beginning to look at skincare enthusiasts and influencers on the internet as beauty gurus. They often consider their words as gospel truth because they're honest and transparent in their reviews. Not to mention, their natural knack of simplifying heavy content and making it sound fresh, informative and interesting. Let's meet them, shall we?

5 Beauty Gurus That Will Simplify Skincare For You

Did we mention that these beauty gurus are pros at keeping it real?

James Welsh

I've been following James Welsh for a while now. I'm a big of his beauty reviews and his passion for skincare. Every video of his about skincare is informative, crisp and on point. He's one of those people who can turn an uninteresting subject to something fun and enjoyable. Oh, and his twin brother, Robert Welsh, is your go-to person for all things makeup! 

Vasudha Rai

Let's take a moment to admire Vasudha Rai's gorgeous skin. It always looks radiant, hydrated and healthy. Her IG feed mostly revolves around product reviews, her healthy food choices and her obsession for lipsticks! If you're someone who enjoys reading about product reviews and skincare ingredients in detail, you will adore Vasudha's content. 


Hyram deserves every bit of success in the world because he's stellar at what he does! He's one of the first male beauty bloggers who has made it big on the internet, and it's because his content speaks volumes about his love for skincare. In fact, it's through his content that I took a deep interest in reading and learning about skincare ingredients. He's a pro at simplifying complex beauty ingredients and educating his followers about them too. 

Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is a Beauty Industry Veteran and an insured Aesthetician. She's someone who doesn't do fluff but is all about delivering the right and correct information. Should you have some free time on your hands, browse through her content. You would definitely learn interesting facts about skincare. 

Isha - The Skincare Project

The Skincare Project's IG feed is aesthetic and neat. Every post of Isha's is informative, positive and Pinterest-worthy. She has an easy style of writing and does honest and detailed product reviews. We hope she comes out with video content soon as that would be a treat to watch!

Which other beauty gurus do you look up to? We're all ears! 

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