Concealer Hacks That'll Transform Your Makeup From Amateur To Professional




Spent another night scrolling through Instagram and double-tapping on pictures of airbrushed models or did you go on a Netflix-binge and didn’t get your beauty sleep? Don’t worry, the one product that can help you is a concealer and it always works. Be it acne scars or your undereye bags- concelear always comes through. 

Just a dab here and a little dab here and you’ll be posting pictures without filters on your Instagram. But that’s not all, did you know that your holy grail concealer can do so much more?

Concealer Hacks Every Makeup Enthusiasts Should Know About


One of the products we reach the maximum for in our makeup bags, our trusty concealer is always there. However, this product can actually help with a lot more. Read more to find out.

To Make Your Eyeshadow Pop


If you want your eyeshadow to last longer than your last Tinder date, then an eye primer is what you should be investing in. But, if you want your eyeshadow to pop, then just apply some concealer on your lids and blend it using a makeup sponge. You’ll notice that your powder eyeshadows go on smoothly on the lids and the colours look brighter than before.

To Make Your Face Look More Lifted

A concealer is usually used to hide dark circles but you can also use it around your eyes to make your face look a little more lifted. And the best part is that you’ll need less product than normal. Dab on some concealer on the inner corner and outer corner of your eyes (make sure you stretch it upwards, till your eyebrows), on side of your nose, and below your lips. And that’s it, just blend it all, in an upward direction.

Watch this tutorial to learn this trick in detail and trust us, your makeup game will be changed for good.


To Hide Those Deep-Set Eyes

If you have deep-set eyes or undereye bags that do not look smooth even if you’ve applied a ton of concealer and even a colour corrector, then it’s time you try this life-changing concealer hack today.

– First, apply a pot concealer in the inner corner of your eyes.

– Next, use a liquid concealer on the outer corner up to your eyebrows and blend it all out.

– After the concealer is blended beautifully, apply translucent powder and you’ll notice how smooth the area looks.

Watch this easy tutorial and you’ll understand what the hype is behind this genius hack.

Contour And Conceal

Did you know that you can use your concealer to contour, and even highlight? This is a makeup hack that is loved by MUAs across the globe.

To contour: Use a darker shade of concealer as a cream contour and apply it where you’d normally use your contour stick and blend it out.

To highlight: Use a lighter shade of concealer to the high points of your face to highlight. This gives some dimension to the face and makes it look more sculpted. 

Watch this video to understand better.

Carve Those Brows To Perfection

The brows shape the face and that’s a fact everyone attests to. Did you know that you can use a concealer to give them the shape you want? Just apply a concealer (the ones that match closest to your skin colour) using a makeup brush and dab it nice and slow and voila. Brows on fleek!

Ready to conceal and correct?

Featured Image: YouTube, Pinterest