#POPxoReviews: I've Found My Fave Brightening Foundation & It's The Answer To Winter Woes


Dewy skin is in! ✨

TBH, I got into foundations pretty reluctantly as compared to other makeup products. I always felt like it looked too heavy on my skin and just didn't sit right. However, after a long period of trial and error, I found some products that work super well for me. My latest obsession is the MyGlamm Treat Love Care Brightening Foundation that gives me the 'my skin, but better' look. 

What Is It?

This product is perfect for those people whose skin looks dull and tired, especially in the winter months. It gives the skin a super dewy and luminous glow and has a medium to high coverage. It's got an easy-to-use pump and is extremely blendable. 

Why Do We Love It?

Well, I love this foundation because I'm a sucker for skincare benefits in products and this is loaded with that. It's packed with vitamins and yeast extract that brightens the skin. Not just that, it also repairs the epidermal structure of the skin, and isn't that just wonderful coming from a makeup product?


Colour pay off - 8/10

Long-Lasting - 8/10

Texture - 9/10

Packaging - 10/10

Formula - 10/10

How To Use It?

A little goes a long way with this foundation and all you need is one pump for your entire face. I like to dab it on with a makeup sponge to give an even coverage but you could just do with your fingers too. I go over my entire face and then I use concealer if I want extra coverage for blemishes or in the under-eye area. For a more long-lasting look, prepping and priming your skin well is a must. 

What Does The Product Look Like?

Watch my video here:

Radiant skin, always!

Images: Author's own