5 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Going For A Facial During COVID-19


There was a time when I would visit the beauty salon several times a month. All of that came to a sudden halt when the pandemic hit. For eight months, I stayed indoors and kept away from salons (even though some of them reopened in between) I turned to home beauty treatments instead. During my leisure time, I would be spotted with a sheet mask on and rolling a chilled jade roller over it. Looking after my skin became a priority and a passion.

However, I was nowhere close to becoming a pro at it. Acne treatment, dullness, blackhead and whitehead removal, I could not treat them all by myself - I still required professional help. It was only when my skin began to lose lustre did I muster the courage to get a facial done. The most recent treatment I got was a week ago, and my skin got its glow back. If you're thinking of getting a facial done soon, you certainly should! However, keeping these five important things in mind, of course.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Facia Done During Covid-19 Times

Just a few things to take note of to ensure your safety and peace of mind. 

Check Beforehand With The Salon About Their Safety Measures

Most salons today will first check your temperature and then, sanitize your hands and belongings before you enter in. If it's a new salon you're visiting, it's important to call up the salon first and confirm the same. You must also check with them whether their staff has gone through the same process before coming in contact with you as a client. 

Only Accept Clean & Disposable Beauty Items

woman with clear skin after facial

After your health checkup is done, you will then be guided to the massage and facial room. Over here, you will be handed a clean and disposable facial gown, towel and headband. If not, please ask for these items. Avoid using ones that are not new or clean. The same goes for the bedsheet. Disposable bedsheets must be discarded after every beauty treatment with a client. Confirm once with the salon, before you go for your facial treatment

Make Sure That The Esthetician Is Wearing A Mask

Before and during the facial treatment, the esthetician should be wearing a mask at all times. Since you will be the one getting a facial done, you will have to remove your face mask during the treatment. Try to refrain from having any unnecessary conversation with the esthetician during the treatment. To ensure safety, all queries must be asked before the treatment or after - but never in between. After your facial treatment is completed, you may wear your mask again. 

And Gloves Too!

pexels esthetician wearing gloves

The esthetician should not only be wearing a mask during the facial treatment but also be wearing gloves as well. Dirty, unwashed fingers can become breeding grounds for bacteria and other deadly viruses. The last thing you want is that nasty stuff all over your skin. Only allow the esthetician to treat your skin if their hands are sanitised and are wearing gloves. 

Pay Attention To The Products

Salon hygiene is important, but do you know what else is? The hygiene measures of beauty products. Ideally, during COVID-19, the esthetician should be using products that come in sachets. Single-use products are not only safer but also more hygienic as well. Stay away from unclean beauty products that have been used on multiple clients before. 

If you keep all these important pointers in mind, we bet you will feel more relaxed and safer during your facial treatment. Good luck!

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