'Tis The Season To Moisturise: Bid Adieu To Dry Skin & Hair With These Ingredients


There's so much to love about the winters- the brightly shining sun, the warm fuzzy socks, the cuddles that feel extra special, and the chic fur jackets. But the one reason why winter is dreadful is because of the effect it has on our skin. The skin on the face and the body feels parched and dry, lips feel chapped and the scalp feels flaky. Well, don't worry cause we have a solution for you.

To tackle exactly these issues, we got experts to tell us how to manage dry skin and hair during winters and the ingredients to look out for during the chilly months

Ingredients That Are Perfect To Moisturise Dry Skin

Jojoba Oil Works Wonders

"Jojoba oil isn’t your average facial oil. It can actually benefit nearly everyone, and it’s especially effective for protecting skin during harsh winters. It makes for a great addition to any part of your beauty routine because of its function of protecting the skin barrier and maintaining the skin's emollience", says Mr Koushik Sreedhar, Beiersdorf R&D Director, India Hub. 

He further adds that because of the low humidity levels during the colder months, the skin tends to dry out faster making it all the more important to hydrate the skin well. Jojoba oil actually helps in improving the skin's barrier and thus reducing the water loss from the skin. Now, doesn't that sound wonderful?

Vitamin E To The Rescue

Winters can make your skin feel flaky, dry, and itchy but Vitamin E can help you improve the skin's barrier function and reduce water loss keeping it soft and nourished. It also acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and sun damage. For smoother and nourished skin, look for this magical ingredient in your skincare products.

Cocoa Butter And Shea Butter Help A Whole Lot

Mr Sreedhar explains, "There is a wide array of benefits that cocoa and shea butter provide from parched, winter skin. These skin-loving ingredients are a part of most products for the winter because they are rich and creamy in texture. They condition and moisturise the skin while making it feel super soft and smooth so even those with sensitive skin can reap the benefits."

Ingredients That Will Really Benefit Dry And Flaky Scalp

Oh! Honey

Shaily Kataruka, Founder and CEO, The Earth Collective believes that honey is the solution to your dry hair problems during the winter. Since it has both emollient and humectant properties, it makes for a great moisturiser. Emollients basically smooth the hair follicles, adding shine to dull hair while humectants bond with water molecules to add moisture to dry strands. Hence, by moisturising and locking in the shine, honey can actually help in restoring the natural lustre of your tresses.

Argan Oil Is Superb Too

"Argan oil, another great choice as it penetrates well in the hair, getting rid of dryness and taming flyaways and static hair during winter", adds Kataruka. 

Argan oil is mostly used as a moisturiser because it is loaded with fatty acids that lubricate the hair shaft and help the hair retain moisture. It's even rich in Vitamin E which prevents the strands from drying and becoming frizzy and dull. It even has antifungal properties which help in scalp conditions like dandruff and flakiness during the winter. 

Neem Is A Saviour

The divine Ayurvedic herb revitalises the scalp with its antibacterial properties and hydrates the hair. It is great for those who face dandruff or flaky scalp issues due to the change in season. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties making it a winter staple. 

So, who is stressing about sweater weather now?

Featured Image: Pexels