This Genius Hack To Curl Bangs Will Have You Ditching All Your Hair Styling Tools


Most of my friends had a 'bang-ing' haircut during quarantine and I bet half of you reading this had it too! I mean, what was it with people suddenly cutting their own bangs? And when celebs started hopping to this #HairTrendTrain too (Priyanka Chopra's quarantine bangs were so cute!), that's when I knew that the trend is here to stay!

Thankfully, people realised what a bad idea it is (we still cannot get over some of the hilarious fails we saw on Instagram) and it started to fade away. And if you are among the impulsive herd whose hair went under the Sadhana cut transformation, then we have a genius hack on how to style them! And the best part? No heating appliance is required!

How To Style Bangs Without Using Heat

You have done, I did it once-- everyone has tried bangs at least once in their lives. As amazing as they look, styling them is a pain in the ass. I mean I remember using a styling tool after every hair wash and eventually decided to grow them out because who has the time?

But recently, I came across this hack on Instagram and needless to say, it blew my F-ing mind. I mean, if I had known about this earlier, I would've sported bangs for a long, long time!

Would you believe if I told you that you can curl your bangs with an eyelash curler?! Do not believe me? Then watch this video below.

Seriously, how cool and easy was this?! Why aren't more people talking about this game-changing hair technique? You literally need an eyelash curler and that's it. Here's how you can do it too:

- Comb your bangs properly and bring them in the front.

- Hold them together and put them inside the eyelash curler.

- Crunch the eyelash curler firmly and slowly pace it down.

You'll notice all your hair 'curled' inwards. Even the flyaways would be tamed!

You're welcome.

PS: Still not over this hack!

Featured Image: Pinterest