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Say Yes To Ayurveda: Ghee Might Be The Answer To Your Skin Woes This Winter


Every winter my mom starts adding these extra AF things to my daily routine... Asking me to wear extra clothing because she's feeling cold or adding extra ghee to my food -- because god knows why! And when I ask her to stop making my rotis drip in ghee, "skin achhi hojayegy" is her response! So much for all my Zumba sessions...Mothers, I tell you!

On a serious note, when it comes to old, ancient skincare rituals, ghee plays a very important role. Not just for consumption but apparently ghee can be used directly on bare skin. As pore-clogging and terrifying as that may sound, let's dive deeper into how you can use this ancient ingredient in your skincare routine.

Ghee In Skincare

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Ghee aka clarified butter is indeed amazing for our skin as it's loaded with hydrating properties. It also contains fatty acids that penetrate deeper into the skin and hydrates the skin and prevents premature ageing.

Hmm, I think my mom may be onto something here! So without further ado, let us know about an ancient old Ayurvedic recipe that might save your skin!

DIY Ghee For Skin

Let's get this ghee party started.

You'll need:

- 2 tbsp ghee

- Water

- Bowl

Step 1: In a bowl, add equal amounts of water and ghee and mix them well for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Next, separate the (remaining) water and add fresh water into the ghee and mix them again.

Step 3: Keep doing this for as long as possible. Basically till all the water finishes. The entire process should roughly take about 25 minutes to complete.

This method, in Ayurveda, is known Shata dhauta ghrita; shata means 100 and dhauta means washed in water and ghrita means ghee! It's often suggested you change the water about 100 times when doing this. But it may not be possible to do this every time, you can do this about 20-30 times and it should work.

Once you're done with this procedure, store your #AyurvedaSpecial ghee in an airtight container. The now smooth, butterlike butter is ready to use!

And if you're still confused, please watch this amazing video.

Why Will This Help?

Believe it or not,Shata dhauta ghrita will solve so many of your skin woes--

- Treat several skin conditions.

- Lighten scars (wound, acne or even chickenpox).

-  Help soothe skin inflammation, burns, wounds and even skin allergies.

- Instant relief from sunburn.

- Moisturize your skin effectively. If your skin is as dry as the Sahara desert in July, then you have to try this method today.


Benefits of Ghee in Hindi

Ready to try this #NaaniMaaApproved method?

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