Ready To Mesmerize? These Are The Best Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes!


There are plenty of eye makeup tutorials out there, but if you have hooded eyes, the results might not come out as expected. This is ‘coz those with hooded eyes have less eyelid area to work with which is why your regular eye makeup routine -- no matter how precisely it is followed-- won’t do you any good. But don’t fret just yet! Hooded eyes are common and there are special eye makeup techniques that will help enhance your eyes instantly.

Keep on reading to learn how to get mesmerizing eyes with these hooded eyes makeup techniques.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Before getting into the makeup routine, you need to understand what it is exactly and whether or not you fall under the hooded eye category. Hooded eyes are a facial feature which refers to having excess skin, folding down to your eyelids from each eyebrow. This makes them less visible. In other words, if your upper eyelids are covered by the excess skin under your brow bones, then it’s most likely that your hooded eyes.

This is a common facial trait and if you fall under this category, you have many famous faces like Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Emma Stone who also share the same trait.

Eye Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyes

Keep these tricks in minds if you are applying eye makeup on hooded eyes.

Prime Your Eyes

Since there’s barely enough space to work with, those with hooded eyes are more prone to smudges and transfers. In such cases, eye primer comes in handy. Priming your eyes before applying any eye makeup will help keep it in place and reduce the chances of your black eyeliner transferring to your brow bone.

Don’t Apply A Thick Line

While lining your eyes and even while winging it out, it’s best to create a thin line on your upper lash line with waterproof eyeliner. Since you have a small canvas to work with, a thick line along with your eyeshadow will only make your eyes look smaller.

Use Matte Eyeshadows

Create the illusion of bigger eyes by using light shimmery hues on the inner corners and to the centre of the eyelid and darker shades on the top outer corner. Always opt for matte shades and remember, while using two colours, blending is key.

Invest In A White Eyeliner

White eyeliner creates the illusion of bigger eyes and makes them look brighter, so go ahead and tight line your waterline with this colour.

Pay Attention To Your Brows

Brows, in general, are important and even more so if you have hooded eyes. Due to the lack of lids, your brows come under the spotlight. While applying eye makeup, make sure to pay close attention to your brows as well and keep them well-groomed. After all, you can never underestimate the power of your eyebrows.

Highlight Your Inner Corners

While highlighting your cheeks, add a bit to the inner corners of your eyes as well. This will create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes and give your eyelids more dimension.

If you have hooded eyes, keep these points in mind while doing your eye makeup.

Featured Image: Pexels