Lotions, Creams, Butter: Your Guide To Picking The Best Body Care Product


We all know someone whose version of body care involves just moisturizing from H2T! Moisturizing is one of the most important ways to show your body some love as it not only keeps the dryness at bay but also keeps the skin looking all dewy and luminous.

With that being said, how do you moisturize your body? Do you prefer using body lotion, a body cream or are you obsessed with silky body butters? Before you claim that they are *the same thing*, let me tell you that they are not! And if you already knew that, hello to my new favourite person!

Now, let's know the subtle differences between them all.

Moisturization 101

Is there anything as too much moisturization? We don't think so! After all, hydrating your skin is always a great idea as it not only makes you smell really good but also slows down signs of ageing, protects your skin from environmental damage and of course, puts the moisture back into your skin.

There are so many moisturizing products available in the market and it is important that you use the right one! But before that, let us know the minute difference between them all

Body Cream

Just like your regular creams (think Nivea's face creams), body creams are also thicker in consistency, but not as thick as a body butter. Usually, body creams have more oils in them as compared to water. In fact, the main difference between a body cream and butter is the water to oil ratio.

Body creams are thicker than body lotions but not as thick as body butters. The main difference between all of them is the water to oil ratio-- that is why each one of them feels different to touch. If you have normal to dry skin, your body is going to love body creams.

Body Lotion

In comparision to both body cream and butter, body lotions are more runny in nature meaning that they have more percentage of water in them and a small percentage of oils. Body lotions do not provide as much moisture as the other variants do. So, if you have super dry skin, a body lotion may not be the best choice for you but definitely amazing for everyday use if you have normal or oily skin. You can layer up two different kinds of body lotions for intense moisturization that doesn't feel too heavy on the skin.

Body Butter

Ah, my fave of them all!

Body butters have the thickest formulas of them all. They're jam-packed with hydrating elements such oils, shea butter, aloe vera and what not. They have a super thick consistency and if your skin often feels like a dry desert in Dubai, then you gotta ditch your other moisturizers and choose body butter instead.

They also penetrate deeper into the skin, providing you intense hydration. Yes, it can feel heavy on the skin so you might wanna slow down with how much product you use.

This winter, are you ready to put the moisture back into your skin?

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