Do We Really (Read Reallyyyy) Need A Cleansing Balm To Remove A Full Face Of Makeup?


When it comes to removing makeup, there are broadly two kinds of people - the ones who use an oil or micellar water to remove makeup and the ones who wash their face and are good to go. And if you're someone who uses makeup removal wipes, we need to talk because that's wrong on many levels! But if store shelves and online catalogues are to believed, there's a third way too! Have you tried a cleansing balm to remove makeup? We're asking because everyone on Instagram is currently a fan of this magical thing that melts away your makeup in no time. Do you think we really need it? Let's talk.

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

Literally speaking, a cleansing balm is a balm-like product that removes makeup, thus cleansing your face. All you need to do is take an ample amount, massage it on your face until you can see traces of makeup coming off, and then wash it off using water as the water will emulsify it, turning into a face wash.

But is it worth the hype? Do we really need to ditch our trusted makeup removing products for this one-step wonder that allegedly removes and cleans at once?

It Will Remove Your Makeup, But Not On Its Own

A cleansing balm will definitely remove your makeup and that too effectively but you might need another product to remove the balm from your face! So, if you do not mind an added step and/or simply love a cleansing balm in general, go for it by all means.

Note: Since it comes in an open jar, it's advised to use a spatula or a spoon (which usually comes with it) to scoop out the product in your palms. Avoid dipping your hands in it.

It Is Not Harsh On The Skin

Due to their balmy texture, a cleansing balm is a great product to use if you have super sensitive skin. Sometimes we don't realise and end up using products that are harsh on our skin or strip off our skin's natural oils. Some might even be straight up alcohol-based products that'll do more damage than good. Cleansing balms are good on our skin and you can use them twice a day too.

And they are so environment friendly too, much better than your wipes and cotton pads.

It Has Moisturizing Properties

A cleansing balm has moisturizing properties so if your skin type is dry, this might become your new go-to makeup remover. Hydrating ingredients such as oils, different kinds of butter, and even natural wax make it a nice addition to your skincare regimen. Just don't forget to properly wipe it off or wash your face as its thick consistency can clog your pores.

It Is Travel-Friendly

One of the best things about cleansing balms is that they are travel-friendly. You can literally forget about packing your micellar water and cotton pads and face wash separately, just a cleansing balm instead will do the trick to massage and clean your face. Simple!

So, there you have it! Cleansing balms are awesome but not an absolute necessity if your current makeup removing products work just fine.

Featured Image: YouTube