Chic Ways You Can Give Your Beauty Corner An #InstaWorthy Upgrade!


Do you have a dedicated beauty room just for your makeup and skincare essentials? Or a specific corner in your room (or bathroom) just to store your beauty essentials? When it comes to storing your makeup goodies, most of us just shove everything in multiple drawers and call it a day. But I bet you too want an #InstaWorthy vanity that displays all your products nicely. It does involve some work, making room for newer goodies and deciding how to place your products and even storing your expensive makeup nicely.

Don't worry, we've got your back!

Time To *Beautify* Your Favourite Corner

Between makeup, skincare and beauty gadgets, there are a lot of products that need to be organized. Read on to know how you can build your own beauty room.

Get Yourself A Vanity

Don't we all get envious when beauty gurus share their stunning makeup vanities, complete with a Hollywood mirror and what not?! It's time you got one too.

Decor Plates

Now that we have a place where you can sit and admire your beauty, time to decorate it! Think agate coasters, beauty plates and stunning trays!

Storage Options

So, where are you going to store itna saara samaan? Let us help you.

More Storage Options

We all know someone who has enough products to open up a mini store! And if you're that lucky person, we know you need more storage.

'Coz We Definitely Need A Mirror

If you do not have a nice mirror to admire your makeup skills (or need to replace the current one), check out these options.

Or you can give your boring mirror a Hollywood style makeover with light bulbs! Admit it, you always wanted them, right?

A Cool Stool

Wondering where would you find a chair that'll suit your room's aesthetics? We've got your back gurlll.

Add More Decor!

You thought that was it? Nope! We know more ways you can amp up your beauty room.

It's time for a room makeover! This will be the perfect way to spend all that extra time that we have on our hands these days. 

Featured Image: Pinterest.com