Can Your Beloved Vitamin C Serum Replace Your Sunscreen? We Have The Answer!


The importance of wearing SPF every day cannot be emphasized enough. Let me put it this way – do you want to have skin like JLo when you are 50? Then stop reading for a minute, apply your sunscreen first and then come back.

Make SPF your BFF and you might be able to pull a reverse UNO card on ageing. SPF prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays, skin cancer, skin burns, sun spots, pigmentation, etc. but you probably already know that, don’t you? However, do you know what happens when you pair your sunscreen with vitamin C? Or how the combination works as a team (or as individuals)? Dive right in and find out why you should invest in a vitamin C serum today!

What & Why Of Vitamin C Serums


If having good skin is your agenda, you know the importance of a good skincare regimen. Doing the extensive Korean skincare routine, adding Japanese skincare secrets to the mix or simply following the good ol’ CTM routine–pampering your skin never goes in vain (unless your skin is super sensitive).

Speaking of which, the most trending skincare item that has become a shelf-favourite of every beauty junkie is a vitamin C serum. It is one of the most amazing anti-ageing gifts that you can give to your skin. Not only it tackles various skin woes such as premature ageing, wrinkles, dark spots, etc., but is also responsible for a glow like never before. Skin needs a healthy dose of vitamin C on a daily basis and, trust me, even a proper diet cannot guarantee that your skin is reaping its benefits. For best results, you should use the serum twice daily.

Now, you must be thinking–great, another product added to the multi-step routine! You must be wondering if you can pick one between your trusted sunscreen and a vitamin c serum to reduce extra effort. Well, the answer is absolutely NOT! Although both SPF and the citrusy serum have similar properties, their individual effects on our skin cannot be denied. They will only bring more good news when used together. So, our advice is to add both these items to your daily skincare regimen and we guarantee #GoodSkin days ahead ❤️!

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Vitamin C Serum Vs Sunscreen


A lot of people don’t like putting a thick layer of sunscreen on their face. Some probably even break out due to its thick consistency. Adding a vitamin C serum to the equation only makes it worse, doesn’t it? So we suggest that you invest in a light, gel-based sunscreen and follow it up with a few drops of vitamin C serum, but NEVER skip on it.

Combining your sunscreen with a vitamin C serum will not only double-protect your skin but also make it better with every use. It will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and also reduce the formation of sunburn cells. Believe it or not, sunscreens only protect from 55% of free radicals from harmful UV exposure. Using a topical antioxidant is the next big thing! In other words, when you use both the products together, their benefits will multiply and your skin will glow like there’s no tomorrow. Ain’t that the dream?

Talk about a dynamic duo!

Featured Image: Pexels