Forget K-Beauty: This Ayurvedic Skincare Routine Is The Bomb!


There are two types of women out there - one, who prefer to buy their skincare stash from a store, and two,  who rather make their own products at home using natural skincare ingredients. If you are a DIY lover, then this you'll find this article hella interesting! Today, we're taking you through Ayurvedic skincare and introducing you to some popular massage tools as well.

The term 'Ayurveda' originated from India and is about five thousand years old! According to Ayurveda, there are three pillars of beauty - Gunam, Roopam and Vayastyag. Gunam is about one's inner beauty and how that energy reflects on their heart, personality and mind. Whereas Roopam is to do with outer beauty like how shiny your hair is and how clear and radiant your complexion is. Finally, Vayastyag refers to beauty and youth that's not affected by one's chronological age. Ayurveda also believes that if one wants to achieve true beauty, they must also focus on their diet. Remember, you are what you eat and hence, it's important to nourish your body with leafy greens, healthy food and juicy fruits. Not to mention that getting a good night's rest also brings you one step closer to youthful skin!

How To Do An Ayurveda Skincare Routine

Before we proceed, do you know what your dosha is? A dosha is basically an Ayurveda term for the three biological energies that flow through your body and how they affect your lifestyle, mood, skin and mental health. Based on an ancient combination of elements such as Vata (wind and air), Kapha (earth and water) and Pitta (fire and water), you will also be able to find your skin type. If your skin is sensitive you fall into the Vata category, if it's oily, then you fall into the Kapha category and finally, if you have acne-prone skin then you belong to the Pitta category. While there are certain ayurvedic recipes that work with selected skin types, the one we're sharing with you is safe for every skin type to try. Also, since Ayurveda skin care is more about using natural and fresh ingredients, you never really have to use commercial products. 

The Only Facial You Should Be Trying At Home If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

Step 1: To make a natural cleanser that's safe for all skin types, crush 7 almonds and mix its powder with half a cup of coconut milk. Apply the mix all over your face and use your fingers to massage in circular motions and wash it off lukewarm water. 

Step 2: After your skin is squeaky clean, apply some sesame oil all over your face and neck to keep it smooth, nourished and moisturised. Keep 5 minutes aside to just massage your face with this oil. Pay attention to the temples, your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. 

Note: While you can use your fingertips to massage your face and body, ayurvedic massage tools can make the experience a lot more pleasurable. Here a few popular ones to include into your ayurvedic skincare routine

  • The Kansa wand - it's a dome-shaped tool that comes with a handle. You can use this to massage not just your face, but body as well. The metal bit is made from bronze and the handle is made out of wood. It improves blood circulation, makes skin glow and reduces stress.

  • Massage Poultice - It's basically muslin cloth that's loaded with herbs and spices that are dipped in medicated oil and used to treat sore muscles and nourish the skin. This is good to use during a full body massage. 
  • Marma Tool - Similar to the Kansa wand, the marma tool can be used to massage your face. The dome bit of it is also made of bronze metal and the handle out of wood, but compared to the Kansa wand it's sleeker in size. It helps to destress muscles, calm the nervous system and give you a good sleep at night. 

Step 3: Finish it off by spraying some rose water on your face to keep your skin fresh, radiant and nourished. Plus, the scent of roses will keep you feeling calm and happy all through the day. 


There is much to discover about Ayurveda and its relationship with beauty. Let's discover more in the days to come!