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#BodyContouring: Here’s How You Can Define And Sculpt Different Parts Of Your Body


If you’re an avid follower of popular Hollywood shows and celebrity makeovers, you know that most of them don’t look the way they did 10, even 5 years ago. Yes, while a lot of it maybe plastic surgery, but a lot of them also turn to makeup. Honestly, a little bit of makeup has the power to alter our looks in more ways than one. You don’t need to go under body contouring surgery to change the way you look. 

Thanks to the rapid growth of social media, the beauty industry is living its best life and everyone around us is suddenly a #BeautyGuru. We now know more about makeup than knowing how to file for income tax returns. But seriously, how amazing is this magical world of makeup? We can add more depth to our look, make our eyes appear bigger (or smaller), make our nose look thin, elevate our features, make our lips Kylie-approved and what not. With the help of a bronzer, contour and a handful of makeup brushes, we can completely alter the way we look.

how to contour


At this point, you probably don’t even need an introduction to what contouring is. Contouring is the art of using makeup products to define, enhance and sculpt various different parts of the body, namely face, nose, neck, breasts, legs and even your waist! Contouring different parts of the body is not something we can do on a daily basis but we love flaunting our sculpted cheeks and nose, don’t we?

Using contour products is a great way to trick others into thinking you have lost some weight but have you? *wink*

I’m sure you probably have a fair idea on how to contour your body parts like your forehead, jawline, and nose already but what about sculpting your neck, collarbone, breasts, abs, thighs, arms and legs? Have you ever thought about contouring other parts of the body or just a few parts? Just like a contour stick or cream contours magically transforms your face, today we’re talking about how you can do contouring with makeup for other body parts.

Read along to know how you can contour various parts of your body and rock those *fake* abs on the ‘Gram.


Body Parts You Can Contour

Admit it, we all have stalked a particular celeb and wished to have their body and ass-ets. Unlike them, we do not have a bank balance that can easily be mistaken for a phone number, right? So what do we do, we rely on the art of creating an illusion…with makeup!

Here’s how you can use contouring on various parts of your body. Get your products ready for body contouring with makeup.


If you’re feeling insecure about the way your neck looks or even if it looks a little wrinkle-y for your liking, that can be fixed through contour makeup. By neck contouring, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and make it appear taller and sharper by shadowing it and highlighting the best parts of your neck.

Please note: While contouring your neck, make sure you’re using the shades that are closest to the shade on your neck so that the transformation looks barely noticeable but enough to make a difference.

– Start by applying a foundation base all over your neck. Make sure it matches your skin tone perfectly. 
– Next, highlight the center of your neck with a lighter, highlighting shade, followed by two strokes of dark shades on each side. Use the dark shade on the jawline too so that everything looks married to each other.
– Next, add two lighter strokes outside the darker strokes. Use a damp beauty blender to blend it into perfection. You’ll notice your neck looking slimmer, longer and so elegant! Just tie your hair in a bun or a high ponytail and slay that look.


Contouring collarbone is the next, exaggerated step after contouring your neck, tbh. Start by

– Moisturizing your skin using an SPF based lotion
– Apply a soft base evenly on your collarbone (it can be a foundation, a BB or a CC cream)
– Starting with the left side of your collarbone, apply a stroke of the dark contour shade on your collarbone, from left to right, leaving the hollow part of your neck untouched. Repeat the same on the right side
– Leaving an inch in between, draw two contour lines respectively, parallel to the ones already drawn.
– Using the lighter, highlighting shade, draw a thick stroke between the darker ones
– Use a beauty blender and dab it away.
– Wear a stunning statement piece and an off-shoulder top and you’re ready to slay. You can also dust some highlighter along your newly sculpted collarbone area!


I had no idea that one can contour their breasts until I saw Kylie Jenner using this genius technique for breast contouring.

Here’s how you can contour your breasts at home:

– Start by drawing a curvy ‘V’ to trace your natural cleavage. Make sure it’s really thick.
– Keeping in sync with contour around your collarbone, trace alongside your boobs.
– Use a lighter shade on your boobs and draw 2-3 small strokes.
– Using a makeup sponge, dab it all.

Thighs And Legs

Yes, leg and thigh contouring is a real thing. We all skim through the flashy pages of a fashion magazine, dreaming to have toned legs like those famished models, don’t we? While their legs are heavily photoshopped, you can too have perfect leg contouring…with the help of makeup.

– Make sure that there’s no visible hair growth on your legs. Wash and exfoliate your legs properly.
– Use a base to even out the skin tone, tan or any type of discoloration. This will make your legs appear airbrushed to perfection.
 Same as before, add 2-3 strokes of the dark shade on the outside portion of your legs and the lighter shade on the inside so the focus is on them.
– Blend it out using a big brush.
– Make sure you apply at least 4 darker strokes on your thighs as your thighs are naturally heavier than the rest of your legs.
– Don’t forget to contour the knee too.


Want a stunning figure like Disha Patani in a matter of minutes? Abs-olutely!

Time to contour your abs so that you can rock crop tops this season, without a care in the world.

– Unlike contouring other parts of your body, abs contouring is trickier. 
– Start by applying a foundation and a concealer base to even out the skin tone.
– Next, start drawing along your ‘abs’ lines, using the darker shade so that it looks like a honeycomb pattern.
– Accentuate the areas you wish to highlight, the main rib or the curves and blend it out.


Losing the fat around your arms is really difficult, no matter how much time you spend doing the bench press. But you can always contour, right?

– Start by applying a thin base all over your arms, until your hands.
– Flex your arms so that your muscles are revealed.
– Using the darker shade of a contour stick, apply it over your biceps vertically.
– Use the lighter shade along the arm and apply it along the hollow of your biceps.
– Blend it out and that’s it your arm contour is done!

The Do’s And Don’ts About Body Contouring

The beauty & fashion industry relies heavily on photoshop to make certain things appear more slender. Not just your face, by now you know that every part of your body can be contoured. But do we really need to look so perfect all the time? 

We get it, everyone has different views when it comes to their body. And if you’re someone who does (or wishes to try) body contouring, here’s are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


  1. Choose your makeup products wisely. Make sure the products complement well to your skin tone.
  2. If you’re a makeup beginner or fairly new to contouring, stick to using a contouring stick and it’ll be easier to glide on your skin.
  3. Practise as makeup is an art that requires a lot of practise. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.
  4. Follow your natural lines, do not get excited and try to alter your appearance completely
  5. Blend! Blend! Blend!


  1. Do not decide to contour a body part the first time, before heading out. You’ll end up looking tacky, with makeup everywhere, instead of looking classy.
  2. Do not get discouraged if you’re not getting results with the first try. Try and try until you succeed.
  3. Do NOT contour from H2T. Start by focusing on one or two features at a time.
  4. Use the right shade of contour depending on your skin tone.

FAQS About Contouring Different Parts of The Body


You asked, we answered.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about body contouring.

Q1: How can I contour different parts of my body?


A: With the right makeup products and techniques, anyone can contour their body. Since contouring requires highlighting and enhancing the best features, the process is different for each body part. Usually, a dark shade to create an illusion of shadows and curves and a lighter shade to highlight the best features.

With practise, you can contour any part of your body.

Q2: What kind of products do I need to start contouring various body parts?


A: You’ll need 

A base, like foundation (BB or a CC cream works too) to even out the skin tone.
A concealer to conceal any form of imprecations or spots.
A dark contour shade to define and sculpt
A light (highlighting) shade to highlight your best features
Setting powder to ‘set’ or bake your finished look
Setting spray to seal your artwork

Q3: Will contouring harm my body in any way?


A: Absolutely not! Like any other form of doing makeup, contouring too, involves using makeup products to enhance your features. Unless you have acne, sensitive skin, your beauty tools aren’t clean or your products are expired, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can always wash off the makeup and embrace your natural self again!

Q4: Can I contour my body parts every day?


A: You do you, boo❤️! If you’re a master of makeup, have enough time on your hands and love yourself more after contouring, then who is stopping you?

Give a girl the right kinds of makeup products and she can *contour* the world, right?

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