Monotone But Make It Wow: Here's A Micro Tutorial Decoding Sana Khan's Makeup Look


If there's anything prettier than Sana Khan's floral salwar kameez, it has got to be her makeup! She's wearing a lovely cool-toned pink lippie that's similar to her eyeshadow colour, long, curly lashes and the perfect pair of wings on the outer corner of the eyes - this girl is on fire! (Quoting Alicia Keys here!) However, what caught our attention the most was her brows. The last person who had million-dollar brows like this was Isha Ambani on her wedding day.

Gracing y'all with a picture of this pretty woman!

Credits: Instagram

If you take a second look at her makeup, you would notice that's it pretty doable - with the correct choice of face makeup products, of course.

10 Minute Makeup Tutorial On Sana Khan's Makeup

Bookmark each step, we say!

Step 1: You want to start with hydrated skin. Make sure to moisturise your skin very well before you begin applying any makeup. Once you're all moisturised and primed, apply some foundation to even out your skin.

Step 2: Use a concealer to cover any visible blemishes. 


Step 3: Sana's makeup has a very cool-toned vibe. She's used a cool pink lipstick and a similar blush and eyeshadow. Use a matte pink lippie to colour your pout.

Step 4: You can use the same coloured lippie on your lids as an eyeshadow and on your cheeks as blush.  

Step 5: To make your nose appear slimmer, take some contour product on an angled brush and make two lines on the sides of your nose. Use a makeup sponge to blend the product and follow it up by using translucent powder to set your makeup.

Step 6: Coat lashes with mascara and use a black eyeliner to create thin, sleek wings.

Step 7: And finally onto the brows, use a tweezer to groom them and remove any stray hair. Now, use a spoolie to brush the hair in an upward direction. Use brow gel/pencil/pomade or powder to fill in your brows. Focus on making the brows look fuller and thicker. Once you're happy with how they look, dust some translucent powder over them to make them look sharp and neat. 


Your makeup should look almost similar to Sana Khan's right now. 

Credits: Instagram

And that's all there is to it! How many of you are willing to give this makeup look a shot?

Featured Image: Instagram

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