As Soft As A Baby’s Bottom: The Best Anti-Ageing Hand Creams You Should Try!


If thoughts like “who needs a hand cream?” or “age is just a number” often cross your mind while walking by the hand cream aisle, you need to understand a few important facts. While age is actually just a number, this philosophy can only take you so far. Your hands need moisturising as much as any other body part of yours, rather more. Yes, caring about your skin is trendy these days, remember to not compromise on the kind of hand care products you go for! 

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We wash our hands more often than any other area of our skin. Due to over usage of soap, it’s natural for the skin on our hands to experience dryness. This dryness will make the skin on your hands age faster. The skin on our hands is also thinner and is exposed to the sun more often. This causes wrinkles and speeds up the ageing process. 

While ageing is a beautiful process, leaving our skin without moisture is not. Age-defying hand creams are like food for your skin, hence, you must invest in the best one.

How Does An Anti-Aging Hand Cream Work?

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Every time you apply hand cream after washing your hands, it locks in the water and moisturises the skin. It prevents the skin cells from dehydration. Hand creams also have a formula that is designed to restore skin’s health and elasticity. 

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between your everyday hand cream and an anti-ageing hand cream, know that it’s all in the ingredients. While your moisturising hand creams mostly bought from nurturing brands like The Body Shop Shea Butter, Nykaa, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Kama Ayurveda, Palmers and Aroma Magic are designed to moisturise your skin. Anti-Ageing hand cream is formulated with ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and antioxidants that actually work on reversing the age of your skin.    

Anti-Ageing hand cream can also reduce wrinkles and smoothen the skin over time. Most hand creams contain an oil-in-water emulsion to avoid the liquid from separating from the oil. Look for natural and moisturising ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin C in your hand creams to give your hands a more youthful appearance.

Best Anti-Ageing Hand Creams

If you haven’t yet explored the territory of age-defying hand creams and aren’t sure of which one to buy, here’s a list of some of the best anti-ageing hand creams that work like a charm! 

1. Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment

Using a product that has retinol in it will give amazing anti-ageing benefits. It improves the blood supply to the skin and stimulates collagen production. In addition to that, this hand cream is also non-greasy and contains other anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. 

2. Hand And Nail Cream by Caudalie

This baby, really works! In about 4 weeks of using Caudalie’s hand and nail cream, you can see improved in the texture of your skin. Any spots or pigmentation starts to disappear. It moisturises well and leaves a soothing scent on hands, however, it doesn’t linger for long. With ingredients like grape antioxidants and shea butter, this cream is rich but doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling.      

3. Pomegranate Hand Cream by Weleda

Weleda’s Pomegranate Hand Cream is non-greasy, gets absorbed into the skin quickly and easily and has a natural scent. With ingredients like pomegranate seed oil, sesame oil and organic shea butter, this cream packs a punch. It is best to use the hand cream at least once before you go to bed.

4. Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Hand Cream

Formulated with unique ingredients like the extracts of southernwood plants that are natural blend of sugars and polyphenols that repair and enhance skin’s natural moisture barrier. It’s rich in antioxidants, hence leaves you with a healthier, wrinkle-free and soft skin. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. It also has a subtle pleasant scent.  

5. Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream

This hand cream is packed with antioxidants and peptides. It’s moisture-rich and protects your skin from free radical damage. It reduces wrinkles and dark spots by improving the elasticity of the skin. This age-defying formula is infused with shea butter, jojoba and sunflower oils which help in softening the parched and flaky skin and has a pleasant scent. It doesn’t actually smell like a green apple though. 

6. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Aesop produces highly trusted personal care products and is known for using all-natural ingredients. This hand cream also contains active botanicals and natural ingredients like lavender, citrus and rosemary to pamper your hands. It’s loaded with antioxidants and apart from making your hands smooth and soft, it smells great!

7. Colorbar Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream

Colobar’s Fruit Drop Hand Cream is formulated with essential oils and four fruit extracts (Kiwi, Grapefruit, Apple and Carrot). It’s packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene that restores the sensitive skin of your hands and protects it from UV damage. It’s hydrating and travel-friendly. It’s also free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and colours.

8. Oriflame Milk And Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

This milk and honey nourishing cream is rich in vitamins, minerals and folic acid. It exfoliates and revitalises the skin by locking in the moisture. Ideal for all skin types, this cream gives you soft, supple and radiant skin.

9. Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn (Rs 2,452)

Along with moisturising your hands, this cream also protects your skin against sun damage like a pro. Formulated with meadowfoam, argan oil, eucalyptus and other fragrances like tangerine and cardamom, this cream soothes, nourishes and softens your skin. However, it feels a bit thick for a hand cream and doesn’t last as long as the others do.

10. Tula Probiotic Skin Care Hand & Nail Therapy

This hand cream hydrates your hands intensely without making them feel greasy. It also contains probiotic strains to protect the skin’s dermal layers from chemicals present in soap, other pollutants and harsh products. It has a formula that replenishes the good bacteria. Vitamin A and C and 18% shea butter present in the product nourishes the skin. It also reduces pigmentation and discolouration by boosting collagen production.  

11. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream does justice to its name by hydrating and nourishing your skin for the longest time. Due to a lot of environmental exposure, you may have parched skin, cuts or burns, this hand treatment soothes all those issues and calms your skin. It moisturises the flaky skin without making it feel greasy. Ideal for all skin types, this hand cream also contains botanical allantoin that is highly fortified for its healing nature.  


What Can I Use For Ageing Hands?

To restore the health of ageing hands, you must use a hand cream with moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, honey and beeswax. Make sure it also has hyaluronic acid. It helps hydrate, moisturise and plump the skin to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol, as an ingredient, can help stimulate collagen production and even out pigmentation. Other than that, you can protect your hands from sun damage as much as possible by wearing gloves, using sunscreen, moisturising often and exfoliating.

Will Retin A Help Ageing Hands?

First thing first, when using tretinoin (Retinol A), hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water to help your skin stay moist and clear. This will help tretinoin do its work as an anti-ageing medication. A good anti-ageing hand cream or a good anti ageing cream, in general, is basically a mix of moisturiser and retinol. A cracked up and wrinkled skin does need enough grease to restore the health, hence, the ingredients, need to make a good mix. Retinol will reverse these signs of ageing and will clear up the skin. It is best to use the anti-ageing hand cream with retinol at night before sleeping as it will give retinol enough time to do the work.   

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