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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Using A Facial Steamer & Its Revolutionary Benefits


Let's just confront it: you ought to be taking more care of the most exposed part of your body—your face! But you don't, mostly owing to hectic schedules and procrastination. To get things going, we bring to you the ultimate game changer—the facial steamer! And just so that you do not have any issues on the subject, we give to you all the info that you need, ranging from what is a facial steamer to benefits of using a facial steamer. 

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What Is A Facial Steamer

In the most basic sense, a facial steamer may be best described as your in-house spa provider. Giving you the liberty of usage in the comfortable confines of your home, a facial steamer is warm, comforting, and gives your face the much-needed care it needs. The process of facial steaming cares for your skin from the very core, cleaning your pores which may have been clogged due to the dust and dirt you encounter on a daily basis. If not looked after thoroughly, it can result in your skin facing severe damage in the form of acne, breakouts, rough skin and more. By opening the clogged pores of your face, a facial steamer not only removes the dirt but saves your skin from damage. Facial steamers, as the name suggests, work on the principle of cleansing your face by means of steam. The steam causes sweat, which eventually helps in the opening of your pores and removes the dead skin cells on your face, removing the dirt which may have been trapped. Besides unclogging your pores, a face steamer also softens the blackheads which are otherwise so difficult to remove. 

How To Use A Facial Steamer

Using a facial steamer at home is a fairly simple process. If you are already in possession of one, you will know that it comes with handy instructions that make it even simpler to use. For first-time users, however, we bring the essential usage guide which helps you ease into the process of facial steaming.

1. Clean your face. Removing makeup and then using a facial steamer on a clean face brings out the best results.

 2. Load the steamer with distilled water. Tap water may contain some harmful chemicals which could affect your skin negatively. Moreover, distilled water will also keep your kit clean and prevent damage. 

3. Steam your face for not more than 10 minutes. Too much steam directly to the face may harm it rather than help you out. 

4. You can also add steam tea or oil to the facial steamer to add the goodness of these products to your regime. 

5. A facial steamer advances the process of perspiration, cleaning your skin of the dirt accumulated over time. Once you are done steaming your face, wipe it with a towel before moving on to exfoliate using a scrub or a mask and then moisturising. 




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Tips To Use A Facial Steamer

1. As mentioned before, it's best to use a facial steamer for a period of not more than 5-10 minutes in order to maintain a balance and not harm the skin. 

2. In order to achieve the best results, it's advisable to use a facial steamer once a week. Going overboard could result in rashes, broken skin and irritation. 

3. Moisturising your skin post steaming helps retain the moisture that the steam provides to your skin. For long-lasting hydration, make sure to moisturise after the steaming process is complete. 

4. If you are someone who faces severe acne or skin problems or are undergoing skin medication, its best to consult your doctor before using a facial steamer. 

Benefits Of Using A Facial Steamer

The benefits of using a facial steamer are many. Find out what they are exactly as you scroll through our extensive list of facial sauna streamer benefits.

Helps You Relax

More than anything, a good use of a facial steamer helps you relax and feel better, in turn providing the feel-good factor to your skin. 

Cleanses Your Skin

A facial steaming process unclogs the pores that may have been closed due to the settling of dirt, giving you a healthy skin.

Removes Dirt & Dead Skin

The removal of everyday dirt and dead skin cells helps rejuvenate your skin, bringing it back in its natural condition. 

Removes Blackheads

The steam softens the blackheads and whiteheads that deposit in the pores near your nose and are often tricky to get rid of. Further, it is easier to get rid of them post a facial steaming session. 

Hydrates Skin

Needless to say, the facial steaming helps hydrate your skin, trapping the moisture that the steam provides. In case you wish for it to last longer, moisture once the steaming process is over. 

Helps With Sinus 

Anyone who faces sinus trouble would know how difficult it is to breathe if you have sinusitis. The steam helps you breathe better, reducing inflammation and providing relief. If your sinus continues to face congestion, you could also add essential oils for further relief. 

Aids In Anti-Ageing 

One of the many benefits of using a facial steamer is that it is helpful in the anti-ageing process, giving your face the proper moisturising it needs and keeping the fine lines and wrinkles at bay. 

Do’s & Don’ts


1. Clean the facial steamer after each and every use, keeping the hygiene in check to avoid any disruptive elements from coming in contact with your face. 

2. Remove any makeup that you might have on your face in order to achieve better results. 

3. Post the steaming session, keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time by using a moisturiser. 

4. While using a facial steamer, keep your face slightly away so as to avoid rashes or burning. 


1. Don't use tap water for it may contain harmful elements that could lead to causing more damage to your skin rather than benefitting it. 

2. Don't leave the steamer as is once you are finished using it. Make sure to clean and keep it away from dust. Not only will this prevent odours from forming, it will also keep fungi and moulds away and hence prevent any skin infections. 

3. Don't use a steamer excessively; restrict the procedure to once a week. 

4. If you have skin troubles and are undergoing treatment, don't use a facial steamer before consulting your doctor first. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use a facial steamer? 

A facial steamer is designed in such a way that all the necessary precautions are taken for the safety of your face. However, if you are concerned about skin irregularities, consult your doctor before taking the leap. 

2. What is the duration of time for which I can use a facial steamer on my face? 

Essentially, a steaming session should not be for more than 10 minutes. Apart from the duration, you also need to monitor the amount of steam that would hit your face as well as the temperature of the steamer. 

3. How frequently can one steam their face? 

Ideally, not more than once a week. Excessive steaming could cause irritation and harm your skin by burning it. 

4. What's the best facial steamer to use?

It is difficult to pinpoint just one that does the trick. Most of the products are certified and go through a testing process before being released in the market. For your personal use, a small to medium facial steamer could solve the purpose, keeping in mind the electricity usage and the costs of the options you have. Lastly, you could also look at some of our recommendations if you need a place to start your research for the best facial steamer and are stuck. 


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