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10 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts That'll Add Life To Your Locks Without Compromising On Length


Want to change your look in a few minutes? Get a haircut. Worried about your hair health? Get a haircut. Trying to get over your ex-boyfriend? Get a haircut. A bit of a chop-chop can elevate your mood - the trick seldom disappoints. However, committing to pillar hairstyles is not everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes, all you need is a subtle change that'll make a major difference to your look. For us, in this situation, the best option is a layered haircut. The style is super-chic, stylish, always in trend and works on all hair types. The variety of layered haircuts welcomes all types of lengths and well, is a pro at transforming your vibe. With all the texture and volume layered haircut adds to the hair, who can blame the ones who love it. 

Here's why you should opt for a layered haircut

A layered haircut can create the illusion of longer and voluminous tresses. By adding long or short layers to the mane, a lively texture is formed. So when you are thinking about the type of layer you want, take the thickness, length and style of your natural hair in consideration. Some hairstylists use layered haircuts to thin out thick, unruly hair while others just use it to add dimension and depth to a look. It's that one sure-shot style that has the power to add life to your overall look. 

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Popular Layered Haircuts 

1. Long Layered Haircut

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For this haircut, your locks are left long and only a couple of inches get chopped. The aim is to avoid severe lines. If your hairdresser adds soft layers, the result will be extra texture and volume. Long layers can also be accentuated by feathering as per your face shape. However, if you want to maintain an understated vibe, avoid going above the jawline.

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2. Medium Layered Haircut

2. Medium Layered Haircut

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If your hair is thick or you have natural waves, the medium layered haircut is perfect for you. The layer in this cut begins from the cheekbones, which makes sure that waves are subtly accentuated. With layers, the benefit is that due to its look and movement, the least amount of styling is needed.  

3. Short Layered Haircut

short layered haircut

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This is probably the most popular and trendy way of carrying off short hair without opting for a mullet. For the best look, get fine layers cut throughout the length of your hair, starting from the fringe line. It'll add shape and movement to your hair. 

4. Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

4 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts - shoulder length layered haircut

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Shoulder-length layers make styling a challenge, so make sure you're comfortable with them. However, with the amount of flair these layers will give your hair, you won't feel the need to reach for your styling gel as often. Allow your layers to begin from the jawline. It'll make your face shape look more defined.  

5. Long Layers In Medium Hair

5 gorgeous layered haircuts - long layers mediun hair

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You might observe that layers look best with medium length hair. For long layers, ask the hairdresser to start layering from above the collarbone. It'll add a tousled vibe to your tresses. To add more waves and depth, blow dry them upside down.

6. Layered Wavy Hair

6. Layered Wavy Hair

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Having trouble taming your waves? Layers can add style to your natural waves but make sure to ask your hairdresser frame the look around your face. This will make your waves look structured while retaining its lively vibe. 

7. Layered Haircut With Side Bangs Or Front Bangs

7 gorgeous layered haircut - layers with bangs

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Bangs and layers can get too much to handle if not done right. Ask your hairdresser to give a twist to your bangs by cutting them to the side and soften the edges by layering around the face. In case you wish to keep your bangs in front, go for long layers that start below the jawline. 

8. Layered Curly Hair

8. Layered Curly Hair

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Got curls? That's even better. Layers keep curls under control. Regardless of the length of your hair, you must get your layers feathered. Medium length layers look chicer when they are curly.   

9. Layered Bob Haircut

9 gorgeous layered haircut - layered bob haircut

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You might consider a bob old school, but you can make it interesting by adding the layers. Have your hairdresser cut long layers. It'll add volume and structure to your hair. 

10. V-Cut Hair With Layers   

10 gorgeous layered haircuts - v cut hair with layers

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A V-cut will basically give a different finish to the edges of your hair with the ends forming a 'v'. Have long layers cut for this hairstyle. It'll add subtle movement and soft curls while giving your mane a sophisticated vibe.  

If you want a layered haircut for thin hair, go for fine layers as it'll allow more layers to settle in and will add more volume. 

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