5 Lip Tints That Will Make Your Lips Pop Without Drying Them Out!


I love the staying power of a good liquid lipstick through the year but as winter approaches I tend to stay clear of liquid lipsticks entirely. My matte lipsticks are replaced by lip balms, lip treatment oils but if there’s something I really miss – it’s the pop of colour on my lips. While we do have tinted lip balms, the colour pay off from a lip balm is just not good enough. And satin finish lipsticks don’t survive the day without frequent touch-ups! Among all these lipstick woes, emerged a superhero. A lip tint! A lip tint is something most of us probably didn’t consider. I stumbled upon this bright red, watery lip stain as they rightly call it… and fell in love!

Best Lip tints have a watery consistency and feel like nothing on your lips. They will give your lips the colour of a lipstick, without drying out your lips. If dry chapped lips are something you suffer from in winter or generally through the year, this is definitely a formula you would enjoy. You can wear them alone for a pop of colour on your lips, cheeks and eyelids too.

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Here are 5 of the best lip and cheek tints you can buy online in India

1. Sephora Collection- Rouge Lip Tint – 09 Ruby (Rs 1,410)

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint And Cheek Tint And Stain

One of the most pigmented and long-lasting lip tints are made by Sephora’s in-house brand Sephora Collection. These have a bunch of shades you can pick and choose from. Whether you fancy pink, red, orange or a brown, there will definitely be a lip stain you can choose from. The tint is intensely pigmented and very quick to absorb. As soon as you apply it on your lips, or even swatch it on your arm – it absorbs almost instantly. What I really enjoy about this formula is that it really does last the entire day if you wear it alone. Wear it during winter, or on a hot summer’s day by the pool.

2. Benefit – Lollitint Orchid Tinted Lip And Cheek Stain (Rs 2,520)

Benefit Lollitint Lip And Cheek Tint And Stain

A little expensive but you pay for the formulation. Benefit makes some really good lip and cheek tints. While they are not as pigmented or as long-lasting as the Sephora ones, they are just as good. This one has a really pretty orchid hue to it. A few dots on your cheeks and lips will give you a long-lasting flush of colour. These look most natural if you pick a colour that’s close to your skintone. One downside to the packaging, however, is that these lip tints have a nail polish-like applicator which makes it a little difficult to apply the stain to your lips, without using your fingers.

3. L’Oreal Paris Tint Caresse Peony Blossom (Rs 618)

Loreal Tint caresse Lip And Cheek Tint And Stain

This isn’t actually a liquid lip tint, it’s a powder. Think of a conventional eyeshadow applicator, saturated with powder. These wouldn’t survive for too long if you use lip balm over them but the formula is pretty great. They are intensely pigmented but since the formula is powder, it might accentuate any dry or flaky lips.

4. NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Lip Dye – Revolt (Rs 430)

NYX Epic Ink Lip And Cheek Tint And Stain

A drugstore alternative to the Sephora lip tint would be this NYX Lip Ink. The shade Revolt is definitely my favourite. It is a bright poppy orange lip stain. It can be as rebellious or muted as you want it to be the formula is very thin and watery. Extremely comfortable on the lips and long-lasting, this is perfect for anybody looking for a good bargain.

5. Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint – All Yours (Rs 550)

Colorbar Kiss Me Again Lip Tint Lip And Cheek Tint And Stain

This one by Colorbar is pretty great because it’s not an ultra-pigmented tint at first go. You would definitely need to build up colour but the formula is perfect for beginners. If you can’t bring yourself to spend big bucks on Benefit, give this a shot. It’s always out of stock though so getting your hands on this one might need you to be pretty great at online shopping or find it at their stores!

Always keep a lip scrub handy. If your lips feel dry and chapped, give them a little scrub at night and apply some lip balm before you snooze. You’ll wake up to plump, super soft lips!