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#MythNoMore: Does Ubtan Really Work To Remove female Facial Hair? We Find Out!


Grandmother's remedies, they transcend all cultures and borders. Everyone has heard them, everyone follows them and every culture has their own. With some light reading and of course delving into the past, I came across a lot of these remedies that my grandmother and her mother have used for ages especially for female facial hair. Some of these have been used on me since I was a kid and I just enjoyed it because it made me feel special and they also are traditionally important and hold a cultural significance. Well, enough out of this boring stuff! Now that I have an exposure to the internet and the curiosity to figure things out, I decided to put a few of these myths to the test. Today, I pick the ubtan, so read on to find out if this natural facial hair removal and skincare technique actually does what it's supposed to.

Thinking What is Ubtan, it is traditionally a mixture of fresh cream, turmeric and sometimes sandalwood that was used for skin glow. Just one of those curious days when I asked my grandmother what it was really for and she said ubtan was of a lot of different kinds and one of those variants actually removed female facial hair! I was sitting there thinking, why am I wasting so much time and money waxing and using other hair removal techniques when I have such natural home remedy like ubtan for facial hair removal that I can whip up in the kitchen. Apparently, for major hair removal, it takes using this ubtan for a longer time, but it is perfect for some fuzz removal.

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Ubtan Recipe For Facial Hair Removal

1 traditional hair removal

Gram Flour, 2 tbsp

Turmeric, 1/2 tsp

Coconut oil (opt), 1 tsp

Raw Milk, 2 tbsp

Fresh Cream, 1.5 tbsp


2 traditional hair removal

We need to mix up all the ingredients and apply it on the face as you would with a regular face pack. Layer it on thick wherever there is female facial hair that needs removal, ideally the upper lip and chin area. Leave it on for about 15-20mins or until you can't move your face. Finally, the most important step, the technique for taking this ubtan off is of utmost importance. You have to rub this pack against your skin as you would while exfoliating but against the direction of the growth of the hair i.e. upwards. Rub all of the pack off exactly like this and leave your skin as it for an hour. After which, you can rinse.

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Desired Results:

Of course, smoother and glowy skin because of the turmeric and fresh cream, but ALSO a fuzz-free exfoliated face. But is it really best way to remove facial hair?

3 traditional hair removal

Expert Speak:

I spoke to Dr Harshna Bijlani, Medical Head, The AgeLess Clinic to shed some light on this ubtan and its outcome. “Ubtan is probably best looked at as a homemade face mask and natural facial hair removal remedy. As such, It may help with exfoliation, softer, smoother skin & brighter skin. However, Ubtan would not be on the top of my list for hair removal. If you let it dry and then rub it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth, some fine hair may get pulled out due to the friction but you probably need many sessions to see visible results,” she said. She also emphasised that we need to be cautious, any vigorous exfoliating is also not a good idea as you may irritate the skin. She recommends you opt for laser hair removal from a well-reputed clinic that uses USFDA approved lasers If you're looking for permanent hair reduction with scientifically proven results.

Results Achieved:

Well, I can't say that I had a lot of facial hair, to begin with. But I do have a little bit of peach fuzz like most of us. Having said that, it is DEFINITELY lesser. My skin is glowing and supple and a little yellow (might want to use a coloured napkin when you decide to rinse your face). I think more than anything, the turmeric acts as a bleaching agent along with the milk, so it just sort of bleaches your fuzz rather than eliminating it.

The Verdict:

4 traditional hair removal

As I said, my complexion and skin has never looked better but as far as 'instant' natural hair removal is concerned, you're are going to need a lot of patience and a LOT of this ubtan.

Until next time ladies...


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