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10 Surprising Things You’re Doing That Cause Dry Skin


Does your skin feel tight, itchy or flaky most of the time? Well, you’re probably dealing with dry skin. As the weather and your lifestyle choices change, your skin’s texture also undergoes change. Did you know there are things you do that could be leading to a dry skin? So here are 10 surprising causes of dry skin and few handy skin care tips too! Dry Skin Remedy 1: Use Lotions Instead Of Creams 1 dry skin Did you know that lotions and creams aren’t the same thing?! Well, the difference is that lotions are thinner and lighter than creams. Most lotions come in tubes, and creams in jars or tins. Creams not only offer protection for dry skin but also do a fabulous job of keeping it moist, supple and hydrated. Make sure that you’re using creams all over your body and not lotions. Dry Skin Remedy 2: Stay Away From Hand Sanitizers Most hand sanitizers contain alcohol. Using them on a regular basis can dry your hands out and make your nails brittle. Using a mild soap or just plain water with squeezed lemon juice or orange peels are better alternatives. Remember girls, don’t ignore your hands, they can be major tellers of ageing. Dry Skin Remedy 3: No More Hot Showers For You, Young Lady! 3 dry skin Hot, steamy showers sure are relaxing but did you know that they can be brutal for your skin? Hot water strips the natural oils from your skin and leaves it dry and vulnerable. Cool to lukewarm water is ideal for your skin. (Thank us later!) Dry Skin Remedy 4: Say Buh-Bye To Oil-Based Makeup If you use oil-based makeup, then you’ve got to put it away as such products tend to clog pores and absorb your skin’s natural moisture. Opt for water-based products instead if you have a dry skin. They’ll keep your skin moist and hydrated all throughout the day. Dry Skin Remedy 5: You’re Using The Wrong Soap 5 dry skin If your skin starts to look scaly and feels dry after a shower, you probably aren’t using the right soap for your dry skin. Certain soaps and body washes may contain chemicals and ingredients that don’t suit your skin. If that’s the case, then you should opt for a mild soap or one that’s fragrance-free.    Dry Skin Remedy 6: Cleansing Wipes Aren’t Your Friend While they can help you feel cleaner and fresher, they also irritate your skin and cause extreme dryness. You see, cleansing wipes contain alcohol and chemicals that can easily damage skin. A hand towel or just a good old tissue will keep your skin happy, healthy and clean! Dry Skin Remedy 7: Not Drinking Enough Water 7 dry skin If you aren’t drinking enough water, you could land up with dry skin. So, how to get rid of dry skin? Simple! make a conscious effort to drink loads of water throughout the day and eat foods that have high water content. Broccoli, watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, etc. are great food choices to help keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Dry Skin Remedy 8: The Pollution In The Air Even though it’s unavoidable, being a little more cautious is the least you could do. Wrap a scarf around your head while travelling, put on some sunscreen lotion and simply wash your face from time to time during the day. These are tiny steps but they do matter the most! Dry Skin Remedy 9: Humidity Is A Real Concern 9 dry skin During winter, the humidity level outside drops. The cold air makes the water in your skin evaporate and damages skin by making it feel dry, chapped and tight. You can protect your skin by wearing long sleeve tops, scarves and gloves. Moisturising your skin everyday too will help in protecting it from dryness. Dry Skin Remedy 10: Show Your Derm Many times, dryness could be caused by an undetected skin problem. It could be an allergy or a product that simply doesn’t agree with your skin. If you’ve tried everything and still you suffer from dry skin, then you’ve got to have a dermatologist take a look at it. With the right medication and advice, you’ll have fabulous skin in no time!

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