Beauty 101: How NOT To Get Dullness, Spots And Fine Lines!


Of course, we can’t stop the aging process, but we can do it with grace and a few tricks for looking young forever. With a little extra precaution and simple lifestyle switches, you can definitely prevent dullness, spots and fine lines. Follow these steps and you may just find that fountain of youth! how to get smooth skin

1. Exfoliate Like A Boss

New skin means younger-looking skin, which is why we’re always nagging you to exfoliate weekly. Slough away dead skin cells to banish dullness and give way to fresh, glowing skin. It will also help speed-up skin regeneration, which can slow down as you grow older.

2. Do Not Over-Cleanse

Cleansing is an absolute must, of course, but going overboard with it can be damaging. Washing your face too often can strip it off its natural oils and cause dryness, irritation and roughness, and we all know that dryness leads to wrinkles and dull skin. You don’t need to cleanse more than twice a day - being gentle on your skin is as important as being clean.

3. That Dewy Glow

Dull skin is a terrible side-effect of growing older, but preventing it is easy. You know how keeping your skin hydrated is essential. Well, even more if you want your complexion to stay young. Moisturize right after exfoliating to hydrate your fresh, new skin and help make it look plump and glowy. Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream is a favourite for providing plenty of hydration, renewing skin cells, making skin firm and reducing fine lines and spots. Remember, keeping your skin moisturized always is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Get smooth skin 3

4. Kick Those Bad Habits

It’s a well-known fact that smoking causes wrinkles and worsens existing fine lines. So, what are you waiting for, smokers? Kick that habit right now! Also, late nights and booze are fun, we all love letting our hair down, but remember to keep it in moderation. Sleeping early, catching up on beauty sleep and cutting down to just a few cocktails once in a while will do wonders for your complexion, keep your peepers looking fresh and reduce fine lines and dullness.

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5. Steer Clear Of The Sun

Who doesn’t love some fun in the sun, but remember that sun exposure can cause freckles, pigmentation and age spots. Prevent an uneven skin tone by limiting sun exposure and lathering on the sunscreen like your life depends on it. Don’t slack off on it; it’ll make a world of a difference to how fabulous you look at 50. Get smooth skin 5

6. All The Little Things

A few simple changes can really go a long way in preventing fine lines, spots and wrinkles. Sunglasses are as much a style statement as a necessity to prevent you from squinting in the sun - your eyes CAN do without those lines. Sleeping on your side can contribute to lines and wrinkles forming on your face. So, flip over on to your back. Fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of antioxidants and omega 3 in your diet will give you a radiant complexion, no matter what your age.

7. Kick Back and Relax – It’s Good For Your Skin!

Remember that stress is bad for your health and does get in the way of your goals to get smooth skin. Chronic stress will give you dull skin and all that frowning will lead to fine lines. It’s important to relax and just breath, book yourself a professional massage every few weeks, take up yoga, get some fresh air and just unwind. We’d choose lines caused by laughing over frowning, any given day! Get smooth skin 7 Images: Shutterstock *This is a sponsored post for Pond's Age Miracle.ponds_age_miracle_banner