10 Best Gossip Girl Looks


Hey Upper East Siders, we just got the most exciting news EVER! Gossip Girl is getting a reboot and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t psyched about it. Aside from the drama, this show was known for being fashion-forward which is partly the reason why, today, there are so many fashionable millennials out there. Now, word on the street is that HBO is bringing us an updated version of the show, so we decided to break down the 10 best makeup looks from the series!

1) Serena's Grand Central Look

From the very first episode, we knew this show was not going to disappoint when it came to makeup and fashion. Serena’s Grand Central minimal makeup is the ideal travel look. Pink glossy lips, a hint of eye shadow and blush on the apples of her cheeks- recreating this simplistic yet chic look has helped many of us reach our flights on time.  

2) Blair’s Brunch Look

Brunchaholics, listen up! If you need inspiration for your next Sunday afternoon outfit, then look no further. GG fans out there know that Blair is the queen of brunch! In the second episode, she brought the sass with her pink lipstick and taupe smoky eyes which were a perfect contrast to her angelic white eyelet dress.

3) Serena's Studio 54 Look

Pick a style from any era and the girls of GG could pull it off. Serena managed to effortlessly capture the ‘70s theme with glossy lips, eyeliner and gold eyeshadow that flawlessly matched her shimmery gold dress.

4) Charlie/Ivy's Monochromatic Makeup

Blair and Serena weren’t the only fashionistas on the show. Charlie was rocking monochrome makeup even before it became a trend. Ivy’s all-over peach makeup gave her the fresh-faced, minimal look, which is currently all the rage.

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5) Jenny's Edgy Makeover 2.0

Jenny took her grungy look to a whole new level with black smoky eye shadow, dark liner on the lower lids and dark lipsticks.

6) Georgina's Flicks On Fleek

Way before Ariana Grande, Georgina Sparks showed us what faultlessly drawn cat eyes looked like. Her winged liner, gold eyeshadow and thick liner on her bottom lids, was enough to bring out her fierce side.


7) Blair's Pregnancy Glow

In Season 5, Blair proved that you can use that pregnancy glow to your advantage. With thicker brows, bright red lips, shimmery lids, and dewy cheeks, she gave all pregnant ladies some major makeup inspiration.

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8) Blair's Red Ruffled Gown

Blair left us gasping for her air in the Oscar de la Renta gown. Her matching red lipstick, gold eyeshadow, and neatly lined eyes were the finishing touch to her entire look.

9) Blair’s 2nd Wedding

Blair proved that you can make jaws drop even without the white dress on your wedding day. Her highlighted cheekbones, silver eye-shadow, pink glossy lips, and rosy cheeks along with her blue Elie Saab's wedding dress made her look like the Ice Queen. Being an unconventional bride never looked this good.

10) Serena’s Wedding

And finally, Serena proved that your bridal makeup needn’t be as eccentric as your wedding dress. Her minimal makeup beautifully complemented her gorgeous gold gown. Nude lips, a bit of eyeliner and a big smile was all she needed to look like a blushing bride.

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And there you have it! 10 of the best makeup looks from this cult favourite series. We can’t wait to see what the remake has in store for us. So until next time- XOXO!


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