Eye Makeup 101

From eyeliner basics to achieving an easy smoky eye, this is the beginners' guide to creating perfect eye makeup

What you will learn
How to apply an eyeliner?

Celebrity makeup artist Namrata teaches us some interesting tips on how to use a liquid eyeliner

1.04 min
How to do a perfect winged eyeliner?

Here’s how you can perfect that winged eyeliner in two easy steps.

0.49 min
How to use mascara?

Makeup expert Jazba Singh teaches the right way to apply mascara and make your lashes look fuller

3.56 min
How to use a highlighter?

Perfect your highlighter application with this tutorial by makeup expert Jazba Singh

1.19 min
How to apply eyeshadow?

Learn the basics of applying eyeshadow with makeup expert Jazba Singh in this tutorial

4.32 min
How to wear a bold eyeshadow?

Learn how to apply a bold eyeshadow with celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni in this tutorial

1.33 min
How to create a smokey eye?

Makeup expert Ruchita shows you how to achieve a smokey eye look using blending technique

1.02 min