Buy Best Face Toners Online To Have Clear, Glowing & Well-Hydrated Skin

We all must have heard of CTM routine, an ideal skincare routine to achieve flawless skin. But many of us may not know that ‘T’ in CTM stands for toner. Skin toners are used after cleansing to fill the open pores so the dirt won’t accumulate in them and cause pimples or breakouts.

Using a good toner for face can make your skin well-hydrated, fresh and imparts a healthy glow to the skin. It helps balance the pH level and minimize the pores making your skin look smooth and flawless. A facial toner basically minimizes the pores and prepares your skin for the next step, i.e. moisturization. 

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Benefits Of Using A Skin Toner

Here are the benefits of toner for skin:

Using A Skin Toner Helps To Shrink Pores

When you cleanse or exfoliate your face, it basically unclogs the pores. Though unclogging the pores helps to flush out the dirt, but then you need something to shrink the open pores so no more dirt can accumulate in it. And that is where a face toner comes into the picture, as using a toner on your skin removes oil and shrinks the pores.

Toners Refreshes The Skin

Facial toners can also be used in place of washing your face when it’s dirty or oily because toners leave your skin revitalized, making you feel refreshed.

Toner Restores Skin's pH Balance

The pH balance of our skin can get out of whack after cleansing, and to bring back the right pH level, our skin requires to work overtime that may result in oil. So, it’s always better to use a facial toner right after cleansing to balance the pH levels of the skin.  

Facial Toners Add A Layer Of Protection

Face toners help to tighten the cell gaps and close the open pores by adding a layer of protection that reduces the penetration of impurities into the skin.

Face Toners Act Like A Moisturizer

Oil infused skin toners help to keep the skin moisturized. So, if you have dry skin or want a toner that can moisturize your skin along with the other benefits of toner then you should go for the one that’s infused with oil.

How To Use A Face Toner

Using a toner right after cleansing increases the efficacy of your skincare routine. Here’s how you can use a face toner:

1st Way: Pour toner on a cotton pad and sweep it over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area for fresh skin.

2nd Ways: To go green, put a few drops of toner on the palms of your hands and press it gently onto your face.

3rd Way: If you have a spray bottle, lightly spray the toner onto your skin and pat dry it. Though spraying the toner only dilute impurities, not remove them. So, following this 3rd way can be apt when you’re using a second toner product.

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Can I use toner without washing my face?

Cleansing and toning are two different steps to have a healthy skin. Where a face wash helps to cleanse & get rid of the dirt, toner helps to keep the skin hydrated and minimize the pores. You cannot replace a face wash with toner, but yes, you can use toner even without washing your face.

Does toner shrink pores?

Yes, using a toner helps shrink the pores. It tightens the cell gaps after cleansing and reduces the penetration of impurities into your skin. Make sure to use it right after cleansing your face, otherwise, you’re just giving some extra time to dirt to accumulate in your open pores.

Do I need toner if I don't wear makeup?

Yes, you need to use a toner even if you don’t wear makeup. Toner is a part of the CTM routine that makes your skin better by minimizing the pores and by keeping it hydrated. So, make sure to use a toner after cleansing your face to have fresh and hydrated skin.