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Before the age of Instagram, Korean beauty or K-Beauty was fairly out of reach for the Indian consumer but ever since its inception, it has changed our skincare goals for good. K-beauty set its first step in India with its lengthy 10-step Korean skincare routine - a unique skincare regimen that consisted of skincare products we’ve not heard of before, thus, questioning us if we’re doing it the right way. If you look at a Korean person, you will instantly notice one thing for sure and that is – clear glowing skin which is also known as glass skin in South Korea. So far, we’ve all been following just three basic steps i.e cleanse, tone and moisturise (C.T.M) but we’ve seen this being replaced in no time. With the invention of facial serums, essence, ampoules, eye creams and so on we’ve seen so many women and influencers go gaga over these products. Also considering that these weren’t as expensive as we all thought it would and the fact that these are easy to use as well, we completely replaced our traditional face masks with sheet masks.

Following the trend, MyGlamm has introduced various sheet masks. All these sheet masks are completely different from each other, they sit perfectly onto the contours of your face and deliver excellent results. 

Shop for the Best Face Sheet Masks Online At MyGlamm

The number of sheet masks available today is unbelievable. Considering its immense popularity and effectiveness many brands have come up with their own versions of it but if you’re keen on keeping it natural – do try out MyGlamm’s face sheet masks. Our sheet masks are made from biodegradable sheets that are made from pure plant fibre. Here are our top-selling facial sheet masks that you’d love!

GLOW Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask

The GLOW Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask by MyGlamm revives your skin in just 15 minutes. A natural moisturiser, rosehip oil seeps deep into your skin, nurturing and healing it, giving you soft, supple skin. This silky-soft sheet mask is soaked with a highly concentrated protein essence that lifts and boosts your skin with a healthy dose of nutrition for an iridescent dewy glow.

K.Play Flavoured Sheet Mask

The K.Play Flavoured Sheet Masks are formulated with ingredients known for their skin-enhancing benefits. They come in 3 different fruity variants - lychee, mandarin and acai berry. While lychee variant provides elasticity to the skin, acai berry heals damaged skin and mandarin adds a brightening & moisturising effect to the skin.

Happy masking!

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Q. What Are Sheet Masks?

A. We all have heard about sheet masks by now and have also seen influencers talk highly about them but here’s a little detailed explanation.

Unlike ubtan or mud masks - sheet masks are super easy to use, they don’t dry out your skin excessively the reason being, the serum that these have been immersed in. You might wonder what’s the difference between two different sheet masks when they both do the same thing, but if you look closely you’ll be able to identify the difference. The serum used in each of these is different and caters to different skin problems. For example, those infused with mandarin and white truffle – a rich source of vitamin C gives your skin a youthful glow while those infused with rosehip oil – a multivitamin, gives your skin an instant brightening effect.

Q. What Materials Are Sheet Masks Made Of?

A. Sheet masks need to be sturdy and can be made out of a variety of materials, right from thick but flexible paper to cellulose, from an assortment of fabrics to microfibres and even eco-friendly alternatives such as coconut pulp and cotton wool. Cotton tends to be hypoallergenic, biodegradable and less expensive. Tencel is another favourite, since it is obtained from eucalyptus pulp, and has a soft, gentle texture ideal for sensitive skin. Bio cellulose masks are synthetic fibres that are extremely absorbent and can hold a lot of water without any difficulty, so they’re ideal for dry skin. 

Q. Why Sheet Masks Are Better Than Clay Masks?

A. Here’s why sheet masks are better than ordinary clay masks;

  • Intensely hydrates the skin: Whatever the other properties of these Korean sheet masks may be, they all have this one thing in common and i.e they’re all a great source of hydration. As your skin absorbs in the serum, it gets rid of all the underlying dehydration and dryness, in order to ensure that your skin cells are packed with enough moisture and are completely enriched.

  • Offers nourishment to the skin: Just like other face masks, a sheet mask too offers certain benefits depending on your skin type and the ingredients used. Whether it is collagen, vitamin C or antioxidants, the active ingredients in these masks ensure a number of skin benefits. The hydration masks are also comforting to the skin, because they cool it down, reduce inflammation, and tackle problems such as redness caused due to sun exposure, acne, rashes etc.

  • Ultimate relaxation tool: Sheet masks allow the skin to rest whilst in use since the skin is not working for those 20 minutes but the sheet mask and its ingredients definitely are! What’s more? it can be used anytime – while reading a book, watching a film or while taking a nap.