With all the germs you can bring home, it’s imperative to keep yourself clean. Disinfect, sanitize, and remove allergens with the help of our sanitizing wipes. Disinfecting Wipes offer a hassle free solution for sanitizing various objects around your home or when you’re out and about. The COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the importance of cleaning for public health. As important as it's always been, even amidst the pandemic, cleaning high touch surfaces is absolutely essential. And to help you keep the germs at bay, MyGlamm has launched their WIPEOUT collection that’ll keep your surroundings sanitized on the go. Here’s all that MyGlamm has to offer you with it’s disinfecting wipes & sanitizing collection.

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Enriched with eucalyptus and lemon oil that both moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, the alcohol-infused WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes help kill 99% germs on your hands and other surfaces you may have to come in contact with. Alcohol has been in use as an antiseptic since the late-1800s at least, if soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. From your electronic devices, to contaminated grocery cart handles to doorknobs and even chairs, you can stay safe and eliminate germs on any surface with these disinfectant wipes. These sanitizing wet wipes are easy to carry around and can be kept anywhere like in your car, on your work desk, your bedroom, or your bathroom, even your handbag. 


It’s important to invest in disinfecting products. Whether you’re looking for effective products to keep your home clean, or a hand sanitizer for when you’re on the go, at MyGlamm you shall find all that and a lot more. We have wipes and cleansing towels for your little ones, body and face wash, even hand and foot cream for your daily use that fight as strong defenders against germs. 

WIPEOUT is a myglammCARES initiative and WIPEOUT sanitizing and disinfecting products are made with goodness of natural ingredients and essential oils, to clean, sanitize and moisturise your skin. 

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At MyGlamm we make sure you don’t compromise your beauty regimes. Our multi-use products come in amazing textures and never seen before formats with precise applicators, time-saving, right? Infused with organic extracts and antioxidants to improve skin, once you choose MyGlamm, you’d never want to go back to another. 

We serve our customers with skincare products like face washes, cleansers, body lotions, sheet masks & makeup products ranging from eye makeup, face makeup to lip products. We also have an entire range of sanitising products that we’re sure you’d love to try. Best of all, our products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, suit all skin types and last super long! So, what are you waiting for? Shop from MyGlamm and get set to welcome cruelty free products into your beauty vanity.