Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup

Buy Best Lip Makeup Products Online For That Perfect Look

There’s always enough space in your beauty bag for a new lipstick, right? You already have a dozen lip liners and are always looking for more, are we correct? Lip glosses are your weakness, is that not? You do have a soft corner for multi-use lip makeup products, admit it. And hey, it’s not a bad thing. None of it. Looking for more makeup for lips? Stay right here. 

Do you consider yourself married to lip products for their sheer variety and versatility in colour and composition? Is it as if you need everything that exists? Check out makeup for lips at MyGlamm for the absolute best. Browse through our range of makeup for lips built to flaunt unique artistic style. Think of any colour and we have it. Think of any finish and we have it. Play with your lips like never before - line them with our intensely pigmented lip liners, colour them with our hydrating lipsticks! From matte lipsticks and hi-shine lipsticks that don’t dry out your lips to lipsticks in all different forms, sparkles, tints or chalks, there’s a bit of everything at MyGlamm. You’d be delighted to know, our lip products are free from preservatives, mineral oils and nano-ingredients.

Shop For Lip Makeup Products Online At MyGlamm

Before we begin to explain why MyGlamm is the best makeup brand you should shop from, we would like to tell you that makeup at MyGlamm is PETA Approved! It’s true! The lip makeup and other beauty products you see here are free of animal-derived ingredients, cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Our makeup for lips is not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Luscious colour. Intense coverage. We bring you a wide range of shades to choose from and a great selection of textures and finishes. Get set to splurge on MyGlamm makeup for lips, ladies! We have everything you may need. MyGlamm lip cosmetics are rooted in innovation and created with the best skin-friendly ingredients.


Throughout history, women have always worn lipstick to make themselves more noticeable and attractive. Whatever the reason, conscious or subconscious, lipsticks sure do add a lot of charm to your look! A bare face is no stranger even to makeup junkies but a bare lip? Nobody likes that. Shop for the best lipsticks and other lip cosmetics at MyGlamm. 



Dear, matte lovers! With MyGlamm matte lipsticks, getting a plump pout and incredible matte colour is possible. People have a love-hate relationship with matte lipsticks, having it on means the product settling into lip creases, drying out your lips and sometimes being too stubborn to take off. MyGlamm matte lipsticks are matte with moisture, they hydrate and heal damaged lips. A dream come true, isn’t it?



It’s time to up your beauty game, it’s time to switch things up with metallic lipsticks. Get set to get electrifying and intensely pigmented lips in one go. Metallic lips are a trend that's begging to be Instagrammed. Check out our range of slick metallic lip products, wear your metallic lippie alone or layer it together with another for a major beauty moment.


Have a thing for lipsticks with smooth, glossy textures? If you’re looking for a shimmery fix for your lips, don’t go anywhere. Do you know MyGlamm has exclusive hi-shine lipsticks in hot shades which it curated with India's leading fashion designer, Manish Malhotra? Our range of Manish Malhotra Lip Makeup is all about glitz and glamour. 


Liquid lipsticks are a staple, you don’t just own one, you own many. These can be found in the make-up bag of every beauty enthusiast. These highly pigmented lippies have won hearts all over the globe. Check out liquid lipsticks at MyGlamm, choose from ravishing reds, nice nudes, pretty pinks and many more. Our lip products will drench your lips in colour and won’t leave them dry or cracked. 


Love a hit of lip gloss over your favourite lipsticks? Or do you simply enjoy putting it on instead? Check out lip glosses at MyGlamm. Infused with the goodness of nature, MyGlamm lip products are formulated with ingredients known for their skin-enhancing benefits. Fruity flavours, statement-making hues, lip gloss is the makeup essential you didn’t know you needed. 


Ready to make your lips the star of the show? Hate lip gloss for its low staying power? That’s not a problem anymore. Lip glosses at MyGlamm are a class apart. Check out our range of hi-shine lip glosses


Line and define that pout with no worries, MyGlamm lip liners work perfectly with all lipstick formulas to deliver selfie-worthy lips! Highly pigmented with a smooth matte finish, our lip liners can even be used as lipsticks.

LIP Balm

The skin on your lips is the most delicate, it’s thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. Which is why it’s necessary to take extra care of your lips. Protect your lips from everyday damage with our range of lip balm. Benefits guaranteed! 


Let your lips do some real talking, put on some lip sparkle! Take yourself from desk to drinks with our range of glitter-infused lip products that can also be used on your eyes. 


If ‘cool’ were a lip makeup item, it would definitely be a lip stain. Basically, using a stain means not having a colour layer upon your lips. Instead, your skin absorbs all the colour and leaves stained lips. Choose between glossy and matte finishes, don’t fear eating, drinking, going in and outside with MyGlamm lip tint. We give you colour that stays, and stays, and stays. Tip - You can also use our lip stains as a blush, even as an eyeshadow. 


Love long-lasting colour and some subtle shine? Invest in lip chalks. Lip chalks are super-duper easy to use! By the way, most lip chalks can be used as other lip products. Yes, that means they’re multipurpose and can be used not only for your lips, but also for your eyes and cheeks. Check out our range of pocket-friendly, eye-catching lip chalks!

Best-Selling Lip Makeup Price List

Tired of lip makeup price disappointing you? Rest assured, MyGlamm lip products, lipstick combos & lip kits are affordable yet fancy. Here’s a list of some of our popular lip makeup products and their prices:


Last Updated: 17th June 2024 

Find The Lip Colour That’s Perfect For You, Use MyGlamm Shade Finder 

We are here to help you, always and forever. To find the perfect lipstick a lot easier, we have the MyGlamm Shade Finder. Slide through a laid out palette of colours as you filter the ones you want. Looking for a red you don’t know how to describe? No problem. Click on the shade you want and land only what you want to shop. 

Buy Best Lip Products & Other Beauty Products Only At MyGlamm 

Check out popular makeup for lips, watch through easy lip makeup tutorials, learn celebrity lip makeup tricks and a lot more at the MyGlamm Blog. Want to know all about the lip products Bollywood makeup artists love using on your favourite stars? Check out MyGlamm’s YouTube Channel for insider tips. Buy lip makeup & other beauty products online with zero hassle at MyGlamm App, the best app to buy cosmetics. And enjoy free shipping and Cash-on-Delivery on our products. 


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