Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

Buy Best Matte Lipstick Shades Online In India & Make Way For A Pout Worthy Look!

If you ever find yourself looking for some of the best matte lipstick shades in India, you surely wouldn’t have that frown. When it comes to creating a statement pout, we all have that go-to lip product that’s always at the top of our bag. Who said that women are all about chocolates and diamonds alone? They’ve probably never seen a woman go gaga over lipsticks. After all, who doesn’t love to pucker those lips and grab eyeballs? From shiny, glossy lip glosses to creamy lipsticks, we’ve seen it all, but today matte lipsticks have certainly taken the internet by a storm. It is a beauty trend that seems to never go anywhere. From long-lasting matte creamy formulas to hydrating velvet matte textured lipsticks and long-wear matte liquid lipsticks - 

MyGlamm’s matte lipstick colour collection ensures long-lasting colour that stays put, does not feather and feels absolutely comfortable on your lips. 

Our matte lipstick colour collection is humungous, it will leave you confused (in a good way) each time you plan on adding one to your cart - because you can’t buy just one. Our matte lipstick shades are curated, keeping Indian skin tones in mind that can vary from fair to dusky. From everyone’s party favourite pink & red matte lipsticks to office wear nude & brown matte lipsticks, we have it all for you. Apart from colours, we make sure that the formula in these matte lipsticks is not too drying - we want it to feel comfortable on your lips, hence, most of our matte lipsticks feature a creamy or satin-matte finish - something that appears matte but is super lightweight and comfy. 

Types Of Matte Lipsticks

Semi-Matte Lipstick

Adding a semi-matte lipstick to the collection of lipsticks is a blessing given by the makeup industry. Soft on lips, feels like you have buttery soft lips with no compromise on colour. Semi-matte lipsticks are a must-have in every woman's makeup vanity if you want something that doesn’t feather easily and feels comfortable on the lips. Just one swipe of semi-matte lipsticks and you’re in heaven!

Sheer Matte Lipstick

Sheer matte lipsticks deliver the softest texture and most luxurious feel. Easy to apply in a rush, these lipsticks go ultra-smooth on your lips, never bleed or feather. Sheer matte lipsticks are lightweight, hydrating and deliver a good amount of pigment.

Velvet Matte Lipstick

Looking for a marvellous matte lipstick putting on which doesn’t result in chapped lips? Get set to coat your lips in a rich and conditioning burst of colour with velvet matte lipsticks. With that luxurious and comfy velvety texture, the addition of matte finish is a total win-win.

Powder Matte Lipstick

Make your lips look like you applied a full coat of matte lipstick shade, and blotted most of it away on a napkin. These lipsticks glide on your lips like butter and then set into a dry matte finish that’s lightweight and long-lasting. 

Satin Matte Lipstick

It’s so tough to keep your lips hydrated when flaunting a bold matte lip, isn’t it? But semi matte lipsticks give you the best of both worlds, vibrant lip colour and supple lips with that just perfect satin texture. Satin matte lipsticks are matte with a sensuous feel. 

Creamy Matte Lipstick

Creamy matte lipsticks come with a non-drying formula. It’s your average matte lipstick but with a super comfortable feel. These highly pigmented creamy matte lipsticks are soft to touch and even softer on your lips, they just glide.

How To Make Matte Lipstick Last All Day?

We know the feeling, you’ve found your ultimate shade of nude lipstick and you want it to work across the spectrum to streamline your make-up bag. So how to make a non-matte lipstick matte? You’ll never be able to truly turn glossy finish lipsticks matte, but with satin or creamy textures, you can. Follow the blot, dust, repeat rule. Apply lipstick; blot it with tissue, dust over a translucent setting powder and repeat.

To take off your matte lipsticks, use micellar water or any bi-phased makeup remover to get the job done. If you have none, you may also use coconut oil to do the same.

Best Matte Lipstick Shades According To Your Skin Tone?

Whether your favourite is red matte lipstick, nude matte lipstick or pink matte lipstick, check out our suggestions of the best matte lipstick shades based on your skin tone to better flatter your face!


Going for pale shades can make your lips look washed out. Grab all the bright, bold colours you see and give them a try. Try maroon matte lipstick, burgundy matte lipstick or purple matte lipstick. Try pinks and oranges.


Experiment with matte or glossy finish. Rely on a red matte lipstick to make you look fantastic. Brown and pink nudes can help you embrace your divine skin tone. Coffee browns, nude browns, and plum-brown shades make the perfect additions to your collection.

Best-Selling Matte Lipstick Price 

The best things aren’t always expensive. Save your money and splurge on the best makeup products, at the same time. Have a look at our nude matte lipsticks, brown matte lipstick and other matte lipstick price ranges and details to shop now!


Last Updated: 24th June 2024 12th May 2023

Tips For You To Make Your Lips Look Attractive Using Matte Lipsticks

Some of the best tips that’ll make your lips look attractive using matte lipsticks are:


  • Stepping on a date with your bae? A smudge-proof red matte liquid lipstick stays for a long and has the power to impress your bae too.

  • If you’re all experimental, try your hands on brown, orange or purple matte lipsticks with either matching or contrasting eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush and a highlighter.

  • Be it an office or a birthday party, you can choose a waterproof fuchsia pink matte lipstick for your makeup routine. It’ll make you look all glamorous!

  • Kajal fan? Complement your kajal makeup with a natural pink matte lipstick and a few dabs of highlighter.

  • Are you makeup minimalistic? Then, go for a nude matte lipstick with some light brown eyeshadow and mascara, matte finish foundation, peach-brown blush and a matte pencil lip liner for that prim and proper look.

Shop For Best Selling Matte Lipsticks Online At MyGlamm

From supremely matte to creamy matte lipsticks, MyGlamm has it all. Our exclusive range will change your perception of matte lipsticks for good. And, that’s because each of them contains a moisturizing ingredient to keep your lips soft even while you’re wearing these matte lipsticks. Sublimely smooth textures and irresistibly expressive hues, we're using our lipstick bullets as weapons of mass seduction. Our matte lipsticks deliver an even swatch of colour, so brilliantly pigmented, they'll have you grinning ear-to-ear on an otherwise ordinary day. Being Instagram-perfect is an added perk. You also get long-staying power and intense colour payoff - what else could a girl ask for? 

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Q: What is the lipstick matte?

A matte lipstick is a shine-free lipstick type that makes you achieve a sophisticated & professional look. They have zero shimmers, zero gloss and zero shine as they are just pure-coloured lipsticks.

Q: Which is better, matte lipstick or glossy lipstick?

It depends on the type of look you’re looking for. If you want to step out for a night party, glossy lipsticks look quite attractive. Whereas, if you want a more classy, subtle, bold and sophisticated look, matte lipsticks are the best. On one hand where matte lipsticks look natural & less messy, glossy ones look more dramatic and playful.

Q: Which matte lipstick is best for daily use?

The best matte lipstick for daily use is MyGlamm’s LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick. It’s available in multiple beautiful shades. From offering a long-staying power, and intense colour payoff to ensuring an easy application, this lipstick just lifts the mood!

Q: How To Prep Your Lips For Matte Lipsticks?

-The first step to prep your lips for matte lipstick is to exfoliate your lips with a mild lip scrub. This step will remove the dead skin. -Follow this with a hydrating lip balm to moisturise your lips. -Then apply a concealer or a lip primer to your lips. This will prevent your lipstick from looking uneven. -Go for lip liners to shape your lips and prevent lipstick from feathering.

Q: How do you remove matte lipstick?

You can remove matte lipstick with either coconut oil or olive oil while nourishing your lips. Micellar water is also a great way to remove your matte lipstick. Apply a bit of creamy balm and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take a warm washcloth and wipe your lips gently in circular motions.

Q: Do matte lipsticks dry your lips?

Yes, matte lipsticks can dry out your lips because of the formulation present in them. Matte lipsticks have less oil and more wax and pigment which make the lips dry.

Q: Does matte lipstick darken lips?

It depends on the type of matte lipstick. Lipsticks that are made out of cheap and chemical ingredients darken lips whereas lipsticks infused with natural ingredients improve lip health. Apart from this, there are many other things like how you take care of your lips, the brand you use, etc. also contribute to the darkening of lips.