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Simple, smoky or a dramatic look, thick, thin or tight-lined eyes, the humble kohl is infinitely versatile. If there's one makeup product Indian girls can't live without, it's undoubtedly kajal. There’s proof, our love affair with this staple dates back to ancient times. The term ‘kohl' is derived from the Arabic word ‘kuhl', and its appearance on the scene can be traced all the way back to the Protodynastic Period of Egypt (3100 BC) where it was favoured by queens and noblewomen. Kohl found a place in ancient Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties, and today it is commonly used on new-born babies to ward off the evil eye. Kajal, Surma, Kehal, Khôl, or Kohl, it has existed for thousands of years across the globe. 

There’s no dearth of kajal in the market, which is why choosing the right one could feel much like a task. Begin by deciding whether you’d prefer it in a pot, or in a pencil form. A kajal pencil comes with room for experimentation. Kajal pencils offer more controlled strokes. Beware! Ingredients like parabens, mineral oil and preservatives, can irritate your eyes. The best kajal is gentle on the delicate eye area. 

If you’re looking for a safe kajal pencil that will last all day and night without smudging or creasing? Then MyGlamm’s Kajal is made for people like you. Enriched with natural antioxidants to soothe and condition while delivering waterproof, long-lasting colour, the Kajal Eyeliners by MyGlamm are free of mineral oils, paraffin, preservatives, and animal-derived ingredients. Playful, chic and incredibly fun, our kajal-eyeliner pencil comes in black and other exciting shades.

How To Apply Kajal Pencil On Eyes Perfectly?

  1. Begin applying kajal by gliding the kajal pencil on your lower waterline. Start at the outer corners to have a more powerful impact. If you feel that you have small eyes, avoid applying kajal to your inner corners. Focus only on the outer corners. 

  2. Layer the product to have a more long-lasting deposit. Apply generous coats depending on how dark or heavy you want your eyes to look. 

  3. If you wish to achieve a subtle smokey-eye, smudge the kajal a bit. Layer as much as you want but keep smudging each layer as you go. 

  4. To further accentuate your eyes, use a kajal pencil instead of a liquid liner. Line the upper waterline to make your eyes pop. 

  5. If you wish to intensify your look, use kajal on your upper eyelid as you would use your liquid liner.

Best-Selling Eye Kajal Price and Other Details

Here’s our best-selling kajal with price and other details:

Jet Set Eyes Kajal Eyeliner -  This is one of our top-selling kajal that has won the hearts of many customers. This richly pigmented kajal comes in 3 different shades, blue, black and brown that allows you to create multiple eye looks. This is a waterproof and smudge-proof kajal that has an intense colour pay off, has a semi-matte finish and is dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested & approved. Best of all, you’ll get all this goodness in just 750. Isn’t that amazing?

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It’s undeniable, kajal is the bedrock of any makeup routine, your favourite beauty bloggers and Bollywood fashionistas will too agree. It’s amazing how this little product can make the eyes look much brighter! The no-hassle, just-glide-it-on nature of MyGlamm kajal is what attracts customers to us! If you’re a big fan of different hues other than the usual intense black colour, we have exciting products for you as well. Check out our range of best kajals to ace every makeup look. There are multitudes of ways to beautify your eyes and if you need the best eye makeup products, head to MyGlamm. 

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Whether you’re looking for face makeup or skincare products, you’ll get everything related to beauty at MyGlamm. Our products contain organic extracts and antioxidants to improve skin texture over time. They are 100% cruelty-free and are built to suit all skin types. Our multi-use products come in amazing textures and never seen before formats with precise applicators to save time off of your beauty routine. 


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