MyGlamm assures customers that their safety is of utmost importance to the brand and confirms customer data safety and security a priority and no form of data leaks at the company.

In light of the recent incidents of fraudulent calls made by unknown persons in the name of the company in order to extract personal banking details of customers, MyGlamm would like to issue a public request in favour of its existing and future customers to remain vigil of any such attempts as no employee or representative of MyGlamm is authorised to obtain personal financial information over telephone calls. Customers are requested to raise these concerns directly and immediately with MyGlamm through its customer care on the app and on email to help with the ongoing investigation as well as protect the interests of all existing and future customers.

Please note: No financial information or credit card details are at risk since as part of this vulnerability since as a policy, we do not store sensitive financial information. All passwords, personal chats, group chats & consultations between our users and experts are also fully secure.

As a security mandate, the brand already conducts the below:
1. A 3-tier review process on any feature that goes to production.
2. Our quarterly internal security audits are interspersed with frequent random checks.
3. We tighten our network security with the help of an outside, 3rd party expert accredited security agency.

We will further increase our security checks which are done at random and are setting up a process to conduct security and data privacy audits with 3rd party vendors as well.

We at MyGlamm, take customer privacy and safety very seriously and will continue to take all measures to protect the same strictly.