If you’re one to straighten your curly hair more often than not, we suggest you hold off on that for a bit. While you might believe that your curls don’t have many styling options, there is actually a whole lot you can do with your locks. The fact that you have to stick to just one cut is actually a myth. Curly hair can be equally fun to style, as much as a straight or wavy hair actually. When it comes to haircuts, you have a myriad of options. And the best part is, the messier the better! So, it’s time to put down the straighteners, pull out the shears, and accept your bouncy curls for what they are, with these hot haircuts for curly hair.


Best Haircuts For Curly hair


When it comes to your curly hair, don’t hold back. These hairstyles make the most of your beautiful locks and ensure that they always look their ultimate best. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 hairstyles for curly hair- long, short, bob, coloured, we’ve got ‘em all!

Short Bob


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This cute pixie is a perfect haircut for curly hair. While most people think that curly hair can’t be styled short, it actually looks absolutely gorgeous. Throw in a fringe and you’re good to go!




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Want to keep your volume in tact, but need some shape? Try going with a u-cut. Add a few highlights to the hair to add some dimension and depth. You can tease the crown for a little bit of more oomph. 


Layered Bob


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If your curls are very coil like, then try going a little short with your hair. Keep some hair mousse handy so that you can define the curls a little more. Scrunch some in and they'll be ready to hit the town. 


Layered Shoulder Cut


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Layers add a whole lot of volume and drama to your curls. Even if you want to fake that definition, this cut is good for you. Keep the length medium and you’ll have volumised curls, without it weighing you down. 


Long & Proud


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Want to keep your length? No worries, this haircut is a perfect example of shape and length! Add light layers to your hair to keep that volume high. 


Stacked Curls


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Stacked curls give your hair an instant red-carpet look. The side-part, paired with the voluminous hair works well for when you want to create that full hair kind of illusion. Do this with a layer and it’ll look gorgeous for people with medium to long hair length. 


Side-Parted Curls

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Have fun with your hair and give the middle-parting a break. Go for choppy layers that’ll add a hint of volume. This works especially well for those curls that tend to fall flat easily.


Long & Gorgeous


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If you’ve got long hair and it’s really curly, make sure you maintain a natural hair care routine regularly. This’ll prevent frizz. Get a regular trim to ensure your ends are not damaged or frizzy. If you do not want to add layers, but still want to give it a little shape, simply side-part your hair. A few highlights here and there will truly add definition to your lovely locks. 


The Simple Cut


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This shoulder-length haircut works well for those who have those extra curly curls. The side-parted bangs give it a youthful touch too! Add a little hair oil to keep it hydrated and a little weighed down, if you feel like your hair is getting out of control. 


Super Short Cut

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Don’t be afraid to give your locks the chop! This haircut with a few highlights adds so much definition and volume to your hair. 


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With the right hair care products and the right cut, your curly hair couldn’t look better than this. These haircuts for curly hair are perfect for the different kinds of curls out there –– so whether you’re looking to chop it all off or maintain its original length, these hairstyles will get you there.