Wing For The Win: Winged Eyeliner For Every Eye-Shape


A cat-eye (noun): a cut-throat flick that melts onto the lid, and diffuses into varying styles and aesthetics (mood). From the RiRi-approved reverse cat-eye to Deepika’s penchant for a second flick sprouting out of the first (double-winged eyeliner FTW), wings reign supreme in the way of their versatility. But finessing the art of recreating the perfect cat-eye isn’t as simple as Ariana’s swipe of jet-black against the lids—there’s a lot of finger-twitching and eye-squinting going on in the background. And, sometimes, though it seems like our wings are prepared for flight, they look…off. 


And we know why—it’s the shape of your eye! A cat-eye will not translate to downturned eyes the way they translate to hooded, upturned, or smaller ones. Taking into account your eye-shape to be able to draw the perfect set of wings is the first step in acing the look—avoiding the twitching and squinting is secondary. 


We’ve already spoken about the different types of eyeliner; blue eyeliner looks; and different eyeliner styles to try; let’s talk about winged eyeliner now. From eyeliner styles for hooded eyes to cat-eye flicks for round eyes, this is your go-to tutorial for everything wing-related. 


Winged Eyeliner Looks For Every Eye Shape

There are so many different eye-shapes out there. Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney, for instance, has downturned eyes; and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’s Lana Condor has monolid eyes. A cat-eye, in conclusion, will look different on both of them owing to the difference in their eye-shape. We’re rounding up six of the main eye-shapes, and the best winged eyeliner looks to go with them.

Almond-Shaped Eyes:

winged eyeliner almond shaped eye

Kim K’s almond-shaped eyes are stunning—this shape is longer in width than it is round (defined by a narrow inner-corner and outer-corner), and it tapers at the tear-duct and the outer-eye. The outer-corner is a little lifted, and the iris is covered by the top-lid and bottom-lid. The Kardashian’s flicks are thin and sharp, and they compliment her mascara-drenched lashes perfectly. She further plays into the minimalism of the aesthetic with pink-tinted cheeks and gloss-laden lips. 


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Monolid Eyes

 wing eyeliner for monolid eye

Monolids are common in Asians, and are characterised by a crease that’s not as apparent. And they’re flat on the surface. Lana Condor pairs her wings with a dewy and natural-looking base that thrives on undertones of pink—such a pretty winged eyeliner look


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Hooded Eyes:

wing eyeliner for hooded eye

Many people fret at the thought of playing up this eye-shape; but if done the right way, they can look gorgeous. This shape is defined by a heavy brow-bone complemented by an extra layer of skin that droops over your crease. The eyelids are smaller, and not too visible either. Taylor’s flicks are hardly conspicuous, but the subtlety seems to work for her. 


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Downturned Eyes

wing eyeliner for downturned eyes

Look at the way Sydney's eyes taper downward toward her cheekbones. That’s what defines this eye-shape. The actress’ wings extend upward—toward her temples—in all of their sharper-than-ever glory, and lift her eyes a little. She marries the aesthetic with pink-purple hues on the lids, cheeks, and lips, and sports highlighter on the high-points of her face. 


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Upturned Eyes

wing eyeliner for upturned eye

This is exactly what a downturned eye is not. It’s a little bit like an almond-shaped eye—except that there’s a more accentuated lift toward the outer-corners of the eyes. Your lower-lids are a lot more prominent than your upper-lids. Kendall compliments her eyes with razor-sharp flicks—notice how the eyeliner rimming her lower waterline merges into the wings. She has paired the aesthetic with bleached brows, mascara-coated lashes, and rose-tinted cheeks. 

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Round Eyes

 wing eyeliner for round eye

This eye-shape is bright, big, and circular. You can see the whites above and below the irises. Katy’s iteration of this look is bold and thick—courtesy eyeshadow in place of eyeliner. Stains of pink embellish her lips and lips, and her brows are defined and brushed-out—literal winged eyes that are ready for flight. 

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How To Do Winged Eyeliner in Easy Steps

 Here’s how to perfect your eye makeup according to eye-shape—a low-down on creating winged eyeliner step-by-step. There’s not too much of a difference between the techniques; but it’s the details that make all the difference. These are simple winged eyeliner looks you can recreate easily. 


Almond-Shaped Eyes

  • Since you have a lot of lid-space in this shape, you can do a lot with your eyeliner. Run the liner from the inner-corner of the eye, and extend it all the way across the lash-line.

  • Toward the outer-corner, flick your liner upward to create a wing. This will lift your eyes. 

  • With an angled brush, smudge the eyeliner a little to make your eyes look sultry and smokey. 



Monolid Eyes

  • Since monolids don’t have a prominent crease, applying liner incorrectly can make your eyes look smaller. 
  • Start by drawing your wings from the middle of the lid to the outer-corner before creating flicks on either side. 

  • Complete the look by running your liner between the inner-corner and the middle. 

  • Make sure your liner—from the inner-corner to the outer-corner—is thin, crisp, and as close to the lash-line as possible for the perfect winged eyeliner



Hooded Eyes


  • Hooded eyes can look weighed-out and turned-down, and that’s why elongating them is important. Run your liner from the inner-corner to the outer-corner of the eye—thickening it toward the end. 

  • Draw your wings upward and outward to make them look elongated and lifted. 



Downturned Eyes


  • This shape can make your eyes look tired and droopy—that’s why employing the correct technique to draw a cat-eye is important. Start off by drawing a thin line from the inner-corner of your eye to the outer-corner. You can use a coloured eyeliner to make your eyes look bright and wide.

  • Increase the thickness just a little bit while moving toward the outer-corner.

  • Create a slightly thick flick at the outer-corner, and extend it up toward the crease to brighten and lift your eyes instantly. Make sure you’re not extending the flicks beyond your brows.



Upturned Eyes:


  • Draw a thin line from the inner-corner of your eye to the outer-corner.

  • Keep increasing the thickness until you reach the end. 

  • Extend the liner from the outer-corner into a wing that runs parallel to the eye. 

  • Rim your under-eyes with eyeliner, and extend it upward into the wing. 



Round Eyes

  • How do you do winged eyeliner for round eyes? Start off by extending your liner from the middle of the lid to the outer-corner. Lining the entire lid can make your eyes look rounder than usual. 

  • The goal is to elongate the eyes. Extend the liner into flicks in a downward angle at the outer-corner of the eye, and you’re done. 


And that was it on winged eyeliner for different eye-shapes. Wing liner for the win!

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