Pack A Punch With Purple Lips

Ultra violet or purple has been declared the Pantone colour of the year, so ladies, why not add this gorgeous hue into your makeup? Purple is a rich hue and can add a pop of colour on your face in many ways. Wear it on your eyes in form of eyeshadow, eyeliner, under liner or on your lips and watch your face transform. Violet makeup is every where now; it’s fun, it’s impactful and it’s absolutely dazzling.

If you are not so sure about wearing purple, start slow. And if you are the experimental kind, the sky is the limit for you. Either way, purple lips are a good way to try out the hue and gauge how it looks on your skin. One tip for when you in the mood to try out purple lips is to highlight your gorgeous skin while keeping the face makeup minimal.

Rock the sophisticated and saucy Ultra violet lips for your next party. Try out this makeup that matches and highlights your purple lips.

Step 1:
Free your lips free of dead skin cells using the Scrubilicious lip scrub.

Step 2:
Apply sheer lip gloss, like Colour Fusion Head Over Heels. Swipe on a purple lipstick shade like the Colour Fusion lipstick in beauty Shot.

Step 3:
Dab on purple eyeshadow on the center of the lips from All Eye Need Velvette palette. Brush on some highlighter for added shimmer.