4 Types of Internet Girls & Their Makeup Looks

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Forget about free-spirited or girl next door, in this virtually obsessed day and age, a new category has emerged. Internet Girls are taking over and it’s the brand new way to distinguish girls online. Confused? Don’t worry, we'll explain. Internet Girls are just a modern-day version of high school cliques. The only difference is that it's on social media.

We’ve compiled a list of the four most popular types of Internet girls to help you figure out which one you are, and the best makeup look for you.


E-Girls is all about being unique. They put a lot of effort into their style and try their best to stand out from the crowd and not conform to society’s standards. E-Girls have a unique sense style which is inspired by goth, K-Pop, and cosplay. What differentiates them from the other types of Internet Girls is the fact that they will do whatever it takes to be unique and that includes dying their hair with crazy colours or wearing bold makeup. If you feel like you fall under this category, then this type of Internet Girls makeup look is right up your alley.

An E-Girl is somebody who enjoys wearing loud makeup so start by bringing all the attention to your eyes. Begin by covering the inner corners of your eyelids with a light orange shade and later proceed with a coral rust shade in the middle and finally a red shade at the end.

Once you’re done with your eyelids, line your lower lash line with a coral rust eyeliner and smudge it till you get a soft finish. Make your eyes pop by adding a white eyeliner on your waterline.

Next, add definition to your eyes by creating the perfect winged liner and don’t forget to add volume to your lashes by coating them with mascara. 

For your face, add colour to your cheeks by applying a whole lot of blush.

An E-Girl's makeup is always bold so the rule of highlighting just one feature doesn’t apply here. Define your lips with a vivid red lipstick shade.

E-Girls love their sequins so complete your look by adding a few sequins under your eyes.

The VSCO Girl

You’ve probably heard of the photo editing app and while it’s quite popular, the VSCO girl has nothing to do with it. This type of Internet Girl is another version of the hipster. Tanned face and no-makeup look, the VSCO girl's makeup choice is all about embracing her own beauty. She is free-spirited, stays away from heavy makeup and is full of self-love and respects the planet. Minimal makeup, messy hair, and oversized clothes are what you need to embrace your inner VSCO Girl. Makeup artist Ishneet Kaur shows you how to achieve the VSCO girl makeup look. 

Start by concealing your under-eye circles and later add a bit on your forehead, cheeks, nose & lips. This will even out your skin tone and hide any pores or blemishes.

Since it’s minimal makeup, no need to apply anything else. Just set it with a matte translucent powder.

Sculpt your face by using a bronzer and add a bit of colour to your cheeks by applying a rosy blush. Once you’re done, get that lit-from-within glow by using a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones.

Finally, for your lips, use a shade that looks more natural to perfect your minimal makeup look. A swipe of a dusty rose lipstick shade will do just fine to complete this type of Internet Girls' makeup look. 

The Instagram Girl

The Instagram Girl needs no introduction. If you have an Instagram account and often post pics on this social media app then you fall under this category.

Perfect your Instagram Girl makeup look by first applying bronzer all over your eyelids. Then add a maroon shade and blend it well. But don’t put that shade away just yet. Add a bit on your lower lash line as well.

Define your eyes by lining your upper lash line with eyeliner and later coat your lashes with mascara.

Once you’re done with your eyes, move on to the rest of your face and begin by sculpting it with a little bronzer. Next, shine bright by adding highlighter on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and temples. And finally, fake the flush by adding blush on the apples of your cheeks.

A muted peach brown lipstick is all you need to add the finishing touch to your Instagram Girls' makeup look.

The Tumblr Girl

Tumblr Girl, as the name suggests is someone who actively uses the social media website Tumblr. This type of Internet Girl is considered attractive and hip. She is known for wearing crop tops and high waisted jeans and always posts selfies of herself. When it comes to a Tumblr Girl's makeup look, even though it’s simple, it’s still attention-grabbing.

To get this makeup look, start by sculpting your eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow. Next, define your eyes by lining your upper lash line with kajal but don’t stop there. Take your blending brush and smudge it out to create a softer look.

Once you’re done, add a brown shade on your lower lash line and create a soft smokey cat-eye with black eyeshadow and complete your eye look by coating your lashes with mascara.

Next, the brows! Create the illusion of fuller brows by using brow powder on your eyebrows.

Get that lit-from-within glow by highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and Cupid’s bow. Don’t forget to add a bit of highlighter on the corners of your eyes to make them pop. Add some colour to your cheeks by using a bit of blush.

Line your lips with a pinkish-nude lipliner and complete your look with a dark brown lipstick.

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