Your Guide To Sassy Flicks & Demure Lines

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Began with the intent of a sultry flick and ended up with raccoon eyes? It’s frustration and angst we all share. So we asked our makeup pros on how best to avoid looking like we made up our eyes for Halloween and here ’s the lowdown on Eyeliner Art 101

Read on to make your eyeliner routine a breeze.

  • Pick your tool!
    • If your confidence hasn't peaked we recommend sticking to a eyeliner pencil and then moving onto the gel and liquid once you’ve gained a more steady hand.
  • Start with the ducts
    • Always remember to start your eyeliner from the inside of your eye (where the tear duct is) 
    • Make an intermittent line till the corner of your eye (follow the blue line)
    • Join all of them by a single stroke of the eyeliner to achieve an even look.

single stroke of eyeliner to achieve an even look
  • Flat and easy!
    • The easiest way you can achieve an even eyeliner is by making your eyelid flat.
    • Pull your eyelid from the corner of your eye, use your other hand to apply the eyeliner. This helps to create a straight line without any interference from your eyelashes

achieve an even eyeliner
  • Tape your shape
    • To achieve your perfect winged eyeliner look as a beginner make sure you try the tape technique which has become a trend among influencers as well.
    • Grab a piece of tape and put it up against the corner of your eye and slope it according to the angle you want.
    • Apply eyeliner normally and pull off the tape once you are done. This creates a perfect mistake-proof eyeliner.

perfect winged eyeliner look
  • We all go through thick and thin
    • We suggest you try out thin kajal eyeliner initially before you go all out for the thick and goth look.
    • A thin eyeliners require less effort and jitters. You can practice thick eyeliner looks over a period of time and perfect them.

thick eyeliner looks

Try out the thin liners for everyday looks

Experiment with the thick liner looks for parties and occasions.