Trend alert: We Are Loving The Mewy Makeup Look

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We are excited to introduce you to the latest beauty trend that is taking the world by storm. Say hello to the ‘mewy’ makeup. This trend is all about making your skin look both dewy and matte at the same time and is an immediate hit on Insta! Sounds intriguing, right? The mewy look gives your skin a dewy look in all the right places and matte look in others. With this trend, you can get both matte and dewy skin at once; it may be a dream come true for many of us who have a difficult time choosing between dewy and matte. The mewy trend is already popular among the celebs and now it’s your turn to jump into the bandwagon.

As this look involves two completely different finishes, dewy and matte, it might take a little practice along with the right products and steps to perfect the look. We have a feeling that this might become one of the sexiest beauty trends on this year. And if you have FOMO, you definitely need to try this out.

Here’s how you can create the perfect mewy makeup look:

Prep your skin: 
How well you prepare your skin decides how amazing this look is going to be. Start by exfoliating the skin gently, followed by the regular cleansing, toning and moisturising. Start by cleansing, and then using a gentle exfoliate this will give you a silky base while also helping your moisturiser absorb better.

Don’t forget to prime: Now that your pores are clean after exfoliating, and the skin is well hydrated, use a mattifying primer on your T-zone and areas that get oily. You can use a hydrating primer on the areas that tend to get extra dry.

Get that airbrushed finish with your foundation: Instead of smoothing the foundation all over the face, dab it into the skin using a damp beauty blender. Dot the foundation all over the face and gently pat into the skin in stippling motion. Pick a light to medium coverage foundation for a more natural look.

Use a cream highlighter or strobing liquid: For that dewy glow, use cream highlighter that blends into the skin giving that subtle, lit-from-within look. Apply drops of highlighter on the higher planes of the face like the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, middle of the forehead, chin and underneath the brow bone. MyGlamm Spotlight Strobing Liquid will give you the same effect. Look for a cream highlighter with similar undertones as your skin for a natural-looking glow.

Bake to get matte skin: Baking (using translucent powder) is used to brighten the shadowed areas of the skin along with giving it a matte look. Post the base, lightly dust the under-eye area with Glow to Glamour matte fixing powder. You can do the same for an oily T-zone. Apply powder on the areas to be mattified, and bake for a few minutes. Then sweep off the powder with a fluffy brush. It will absorb all the extra oil.

Add that flush: No look is complete without a flush of colour on the cheeks. Apply your favourite blush in swirling motion on the apples of your cheeks, tip of the nose and on the areas where you’d naturally be flushed. Using a cream blush will keep the skin hydrated and supple looking, so you’ll get that mewy finish.

Matching pout: Finally, dress your pout with a fab lipstick. You can opt for either a matte or sating-finish lipstick. Don’t forget to exfoliate the lips before swiping on your favourite lipstick. You can also use a gloss if you like a shiny pout.

Blot it out: To ensure that your matte skin is maintained all through the day, use blotting paper to absorb sweat and grease. If you have oily skin, or live in a place with tropical climate, you just can’t escape the shine and blotting sheets will be your best friend.