Trend alert: Beyonce’s Boy Beat Makeup Look

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The Boy beat is a form of minimal makeup that is drawing a lot of attention on social media platforms. It came into lime light when none other than Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John spoke about using this unique makeup trick on the singer in the Formation music video. Sir John talked about ding Beyonce’s makeup in an androgynous way where the line between looking masculine or feminine was blurred via makeup. And ‘boy beat’ came under the spotlight, ta-da.

Well, the boy beat makeup was immediately picked by a YouTuber named Sarah Cheung who created a Beyonce-inspired tutorial videos on her channel with defined cheekbones, while accentuating her freckles and dark circles and leaving the brows unruly for a boyish look. This instantly went viral on the social media platforms and spread like wildfire. The trend aims for the unpolished-yet-beautiful look, encouraging minimalism and embracing your skin and natural features as they are. And the rest is history. Being on the realistic side, the trend resonated with the real people who are less than perfect, and Beyonce’s boy beat makeup has become one of the most popular trends.

The look is about embracing your skin in its natural form, the way it is, while enhancing the prominent features to appear like the best version of yourself. Queen Bey has rocked this look in many of her music videos, the last and the most recent one being the Grammy nominated "Formation" video from the hit album LEMONADE. In the video, Beyonce is seen flaunting unruly brows and minimal makeup while embracing a boyish demeanour combined with her usual sassy attitude. This is probably how the ‘boy beat’ got its name from. The term ‘beat’ is a slang commonly used for flawless makeup or face.

The technique is apt for people who are not very skilled in makeup, or those who do not like the idea of spending a huge chunk of their time doing makeup to look flawless and who don not like wearing heavy or a lot of makeup. The boy beat goes hand in hand with the latest minimalistic makeup craze which advocates the idea of barely-there makeup, to look naturally beautiful.

The mantra for achieving the boy beat look is to accentuate the imperfections instead of covering them. It’s simple: focus on natural-looking. It can easily be your ideal routine for all seasons, especially if you like keeping things simple.

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