Rock The Dual Tone Eyeshadow Look

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Among the various beauty trends like rainbow highlighter, glitter hair and glossy lids, we have one that has held its own and shows no signs of dying down- the dual or doube tone eyeshadow makeup look. 

The two toned eye look comprises of selecting any two colours of your choice (complimentary or contrasting) and blending them in at the meeting point to create a flashy yet creative eye look.

The two-tone eyeshadow look is one of the most popular eyeshadow looks and a fun way to upgrade your eyeshadow game. Two eyeshadows fusing to create an interesting gradation look that’s beautiful and glamorous. It makes your eyes pop and does not require a lot of products. You just need to be good with blending! But then, makeup is all about how well you blend, eh? Makeup lovers have been experiment with a lot of colours to create stunning dual tone eyeshadow looks. There are no set rules and you can go crazy with colours and textures. Try the two tone eyeshadow look fr a change and decide if you want more of it.

The requirements for this look are:
  • Flat eyeshadow brush
  • Blending brush
  • Two colours of eyeshadow (not over-contrasting)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Kohl eyeliner
Dual Eyeshadow LookLay down the foundation
Start off with some foundation on your eyes to neutralise any colour difference and inconsistencies. Wait for the foundation if liquid, to dry completely.

Get shady
Pick any two shades of your choice. Remember not to pick over-contrasting shades. Complimentary colours or hues of the same colours work best.

The best subtle combinations would be-

  • Pink and purple
  • Light blue and electric blue
  • Beige and brown
  • Brown and black
  • Silver and black
  • Gold and brown
  • Red and maroon
The list goes on and these colours are classic combinations.

Here are the chicest eyeshadows from My Glamm to dress up your eyes:

Manish Malhotra 9 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette in Rendezvous and Soiree

There are some unconventional yet gorgeous combinations such as-

  • Blue and gold
  • Yellow and red
  • Green and blue
  • Pink and blue
  • Gold and purple
Flat brushes on deck
Once you’re done with the selection, Start by applying one of the shades (preferably the light one) with a flat brush to the inside of your eyelid starting from your tear duct all the way to the centre of your lid.

Always back for seconds
Next, grab hold of your second shade and apply from the centre till the corner of your eye.
Remember to use a round blending brush to blend out the second shade a little above the crease of the eye.

Blend some more
Use your blending brush to blend both the colours together in the centre so that they merge and your eye makeup looks balanced and doesn’t have harsh lines between the two colours.

High-lights, camera, action
Apply your face highlighter right near your tear duct to give a dimension and glow to your eye look. You can also highlight your brow bone because why not?

I spy with my cat-eye
To complete your look grab some shimmery or glossy finish black eyeliner and end it with a wing for a dramatic yet gorgeous look

Lash but not the least
Apply mascara on your lashes to complete your look and don’t stop taking pictures after that.

Dual tone

Green Eyeshadow


Eyeshadow in two tones

Watch our FB video for a complete breakdown of steps and products used to create the dual eyeshadow look.