Makeup During Labor Is The Latest Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram

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Every day we see the birth of a new trend on Instagram and while some are do-able, others are a bit on the crazy side. We'll leave you to decide in which category does this new beauty trend fall under. Labour makeup is currently making the rounds on Instagram. This new beauty trend- makeup during labour, is taking the world by storm and pregnant women all over are ditching Lamaze breathing and opting for a perfectly chiselled face.

While this beauty trend has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, those who do support it believe that applying makeup right before going into labour is sort of meditative and you also end up brightening up your dull face for those insta-ready pics with your newborn. 
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Women all over the world are taking their makeup kits along with their hospital bag before getting admitted. While some do their own makeup, there are others who hire their own glam squad. New York-based make-up artist Alaha Karimi was the first one to introduce labour makeup way back in 2016 when she shared her makeup prep photos which included heavy eyeshadow, a whole lot of contouring and fake lashes on social media. Now beauty bloggers all over are following in her footsteps and dolling up before giving birth.
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If you’re a mother-to-be and want to try out this 'makeup during labour' trend but don’t want something too drastic, then the best makeup for labour look for you is a subtle beauty look. Aside from looking glamorous in the post-delivery pics, for some women, it’s a way to deal with the painful contractions so a simple minimal makeup look should also do the trick. 

Applying your base first and then moving on to your blush, eyeliner, lipstick and highlighter is a great way for you to keep your mind off the inevitable pain.

This step by step tutorial video will show you how to perfect your minimal makeup during labour look so that you end up looking and feeling fabulous in those post-delivery pics.