We've Decoded How You Can Recreate Janhvi Kapoor's Minimal Makeup Look


Janhvi Kapoor gave us all major makeup goals with her latest insta post. In the images, the Bollywood actress was all smiles as she showed off her clear, glowing skin and minimal makeup look. In the image, Janhvi is seen wearing a green outfit and barely-there makeup. She opted for a pinkish-nude lippy, blushed cheeks, mascara and neatly done brows. Unfortunately, even after following a rigid skincare routine during the quarantine, some of us are still stuck with acne and the scars they leave behind.

This is completely natural and nothing to be embarrassed about but if you want to achieve a clear complexion just like Janhvi, there’s nothing a little makeup couldn’t fix! Keep on reading to find out how you can achieve the minimal makeup and look and feel like a star just like Janhvi Kapoor.

How to achieve Janhvi Kapoor’s minimal makeup look


Before applying any makeup, you need to go through a proper cleansing routine in order to eliminate any dirt, oils and bacteria that may have settled on the skin. This will create a smooth canvas for you to work with!


After cleansing, moisturiser is a must as it seals in the moisture, strengthens the skin’s barrier and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. A moisturiser should always be followed by a bit of SPF.


Primer is the next step in achieving Janhvi Kapoor’s minimal makeup look. This makeup product will fill in the pores, fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smooth canvas to work with.
If you are dealing with maskne and acne scars, you can go ahead and use a concealer and a lightweight foundation to camouflage these areas and create the illusion of clear skin.


Janhvi Kapoor’s pinkish-nude lipstick adds a more natural touch to her minimal makeup look. You can opt for a matte lippy that won’t bleed or transfer under your face mask. There are many matte lippies out there that are kiss-proof --- so if they can survive a make-out session, you needn’t worry about your face mask ruining it.


Fake the flush with a bit of blush. Adding a rosy shade to the apples of your cheeks will give you that I-just-saw-my-crush blush that looks completely natural rather than fake.


For the minimal makeup look, mascara is a must. Coating your lashes with a voluminous mascara will create the illusion of bigger eyes and make them look wide awake just like Janhvi Kapoor.

Look like a star by recreating Janhvi Kapoor’s minimal makeup look.

Featured Image: Instagram