What is Airbrush Makeup & HD Makeup

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No longer does makeup consists of only a pressed powder with just one skin tone shade. We have plenty of options to choose from for just about anything in our life and makeup is not excluded. From fruit flavoured makeup to HD to your traditional makeup- the list goes on. But there’s one type that’s gaining popularity and has left many confused and that’s airbrush makeup.
What is airbrush makeup, what are its benefits and how is it different from HD makeup? We're here to answer all your questions so, time to take notes! Makeup 101: Your crash course in airbrush makeup, is in session.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Unlike patting down your makeup with a sponge or brush, with airbrush makeup, the makeup is applied with an airbrush stylus and air compressor. This tiny machine disperses makeup on to your face and delivers a soft-focus. Airbrush makeup has been commonly used by actors and now brides are adopting this makeup style too as it creates a natural look that's perfect for the cameras and it's long-lasting. 

Obviously, since there’s such a high demand for it, you can bet that airbrush makeup benefits are endless.

  1. Never-Ending Beauty

Fridays mean planning a look that goes from the boardroom to the dance floor effortlessly. This includes your makeup. We've all gone to work with a face full of makeup hoping that it will last for that end-of-the-week party at night. But sadly, by lunch, your makeup fades away.
Airbrush makeup, however, stays on for long hours and you can go from the office to the bar looking flawless as ever.

  1. Fast & Fabulous

Airbrush makeup is perfect for the busy bees out there. All it takes is just 10 minutes to get flawless results.

  1. Not Cakey

With airbrush makeup, you don’t need to worry about it looking cakey. When done properly, airbrush makeup gives your face an extremely smooth, natural and perfect finish.

  1. Less Is More

When it comes to airbrush makeup, the concept of less is more applies here. Spraying on just a bit can give you full coverage that lasts all day.

What to do if you don’t have airbrush makeup but still want to look camera-ready?

If you're a bit agitated of using the stylus after watching all the airbrush makeup tutorials online but still want that flawless face in front of the cameras, then we have another option for you.

We’re talking about HD makeup. HD makeup products are designed to hide the tiniest details like wrinkles, blemishes, creases on camera. They have light-diffusing coatings that help blur the light when it reflects back giving you a smooth faultless appearance.

The are many HD makeup brands out there in the market like POSE HD Makeup by MyGlamm, so getting that selfie-ready look is easily achievable. 

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