Rakhi Gifts That Will Instantly Make You The Best Brother!

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With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, we’re sure brothers everywhere are searching for the best gifts to give their sisters! Whether she’s older or younger than you, trying to find a gift for your sibling can be quite a challenging task! With so many options out there it’s totally normal to feel bewildered with the never-ending choices.

Our mission is to make you the best brother! No matter how much she annoys you, the sibling love is still there and that’s why we are here to help you find the perfect gift for your sister depending on the type of person she is. Beauty products are a prized possession for every girl and you can never go wrong with a gift like this.

For The Sister Who Loves...

To Stay Home And Binge Watch TV Shows!

Your sister is probably an introvert whose idea of an amazing weekend includes Netflix and Zomato. Even though watching her favourite show while devouring some mouthwatering snacks is what she loves best that doesn’t mean she can’t feel pretty. For her, a variety of nail polish colours would be ideal.
After all, painting your nails while binge-watching something at home is as calming as meditation. 

A whole range of shades is just what she needs. Lucky for you, MyGlamm’s Two Of Your Kind or the Wanderlust nail enamel collection comes in stunning vibrant hues which will instantly lift her mood. If you want something a bit more premium, then there’s always the Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer collection.

To Party Every Weekend!

If your sister is someone who loves to spend her Fridays and Saturdays hitting the latest club with her friends, then makeup is that one gift, she’s sure to love! She can paint the town red (pun intended) with red pouts and chiselled cheeks. Gift her lipsticks and highlighters and you are sure to be forgiven for all the times you ratted her out to your parents.

MyGlamm’s Spotlight Shimmer Liquid Blush and Shimmer Liquid Highlighter will make her shine bright wherever she goes. As for lipsticks, you can opt for the Bloody Mary shade from our new LIT Creamy Matte collection. And if she’s someone who can’t get enough of that shimmer, then it wouldn't hurt to throw in the Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipgloss as well.

Mimosas Rather Than Tequila Shots

You never have to worry about bumping into your sister at the club because she’s the type of person who loves going for brunches and sipping on mimosas rather than downing shots in a nightclub. Since she’s out when the sun does shine, she puts great effort into perfecting her look. Primers, subtle lipsticks and eyeliners are what you need to get her.

MyGlamm’s Tinted Perfection Primer and the Perfect Curves Moisturising Matte Lipstick will get her eggcited for the next brunching session with her friends.

Being A Bawse Woman!

She’s not someone who loves to sit around and do nothing. She exudes confidence, works hard to accomplish her goals and making it in a man's world is her utmost priority. For a woman like this a full beauty kit will go a long way.

Your workaholic sister deserves a bit of skin pampering with the right primer, lipstick and eyeliner and that’s where MyGlamm comes to the rescue. Tinted Perfection, Total Makeover FF Cream, Manish Malhotra’s 9 in 1 Eyeshadow, Jet Set Eyes Kajal and the Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipsticks will help her be the best bawse babe there is!

To Wear Less Makeup

If you think you couldn’t find anything here, well you’re wrong! Even if your sister doesn’t sport a face full of makeup, we have something she’ll absolutely adore! It’s normal for some to opt for the 'less is more' makeup ideology but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need anything from the beauty aisle. Every girl needs to have a good primer, setting powder and lip balm in her bag.

Gift wrap MyGlamm’s Tinted Perfection, Glow To Glamour Shimmer Powder and LIT Ph Lip Balm and watch her light up when she opens your gift.

To Travel The World

Just because she considers the world her home doesn’t mean she can't own some good beauty products. Since she’s always on the move, packing light is more ideal. So travel-friendly makeup products are what she needs.

Relieve her from the difficult task of trying to decide which products go with her and which don’t by gifting her these compact products from MyGlamm. The Total Makeover FF cream should definitely be on your list as it comes with a primer, concealer and foundation as well as the Manish Malhotra Illuminating Blush Stick. These products will ensure she looks picture-perfect no matter where she is!

…Posting Selfies On Instagram

Your sister lives her life through the screen. Influencer, blogger, insta model—call her what you want—there’s no denying that she loves posting on social media and that means ALWAYS looking good!

You can show your support by gifting her products from MyGlamm’s POSE HD collection. This new line of makeup will ensure she’s camera-ready whenever, wherever she is! 

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