Makeup tips for hooded eyes

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The world of makeup is full of struggles. Right from finding the colours that work for you to shortlisting the products that are convenient to use and even makeup that suits you, it takes time. It’s never a ‘one thing suits all’ kind of thing. While trying eye makeup, you should always consider the shape and size of your eyes. There are so many styles to copy but remember, what looks good on your friend will not necessarily make you look pretty. Many women have hooded eyes, which have smaller lid space. Only the person who has hooded eyes will know that how tricky it is to pull off all that elaborate eye art. Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller. It’s not an anomaly, and not really uncommon.

The lid space is barely visible in hooded eyes. It’s because the edge of the upper eyelid touches the eye crease, hiding the lid area to a great extent. As there is less room, certain eye makeup looks may not be readily visible on the eyes. But that does not mean you have to say goodbye to eye makeup or just stick to those one or two tested styles your friend told you about.

We have some tips for hooded eye people that’ll cancel out the eye makeup struggles you have on a daily basis. Go ahead, try these flattering tricks that will seriously prettify your eyes minus the bother.

Prime, prime, prime
Hooded eyes are notorious for their ability to transfer product. Unfortunately, it is mostly unavoidable as the lids just bump into the crease. A simple solution is to set the makeup well. Applying an eye primer can solve this problem. Apply a primer on your eyelids and blend well. Set it with a teeny amount of setting powder before going about your makeup routine. The primer acts as base and will help the products to stick better to the lids. This cuts transferability.

Highlight the right areas
It’s important to accentuate the right areas of your eye for maximum impact. Add light to the inner corners of the eyes, this will pop them up. A dash of highlighter on the inner corners and right below the lower lash line will brighten them up and do the trick perfectly. This will widen the eyes and add the illusion of space.

Diffuse & lift
Hooded eye almost always need a lift. While applying eyeshadow, use deeper shades of shadows towards the outer areas of the eyes. This will add depth to the eyes. Use a brush to diffuse the darker shadow past the crease to draw the focus upward. Similarly, when you start extending your liner, always try to blend upwards. This will give lift to your eyes, which works beautifully on hooded eyes.

Pop ‘em up
Often people have a of difficulty with drawing the attention towards the makeup instead of the lids. You can take the focus away from eyes by adding a dash of highlighter to the brow bone. Brush a little highlighter on the area just below the brows, don’t go any lower.

Create illusion
Shimmery shades reflect light making the eyes look bigger and brighter. Draw attention away from the hood by wearing shimmer on the part of your lid that you move often like the edge of the lids and outer corner of the eye.

Go with the flick
Winged eyeliner and flicks look really good on hooded eyes. It makes the eyes appear elongated and pretty. Draw a thin line along the upper lash line, extending it out into long or short flicks. Let it dry before batting your lids feverishly while you admire yourself in the mirror. Go for gel eyeliner as it dries quickly. The Wheelie Precision Eyeliner helps you create wings and all kinds of eye art with great ease.

Apply makeup on open eyes
Since much of your eyelid disappears when your eyes are open, applying makeup when your eyes are fully open is a good idea. This way, you won’t be surprised by what ends up being visible.