How To Get A Nose Job Minus The Surgery

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If you’re a regular blogger or a blog-reader you must have come across various techniques to contour your face and highlight cheekbones etc. But this post is only to help you with contouring your nose according to its shape. Nose contouring can be complicated and can end up looking like a hot mess most of the time because the techniques to do it are sometimes extremely vague or unclear.

Every nose has a particular shape. Ready to find out what yours falls under?

There are 4 main shapes
  • Oval Circle
  • Square Rectangle
  • Triangle diamond
  • Pentagon Oval
Every nose has a particular shape

According to the picture, as you can see you cannot use one technique to sculpt every nose.
  1. The first diagram shows oval-circular noses which require highlight along the entire nose from the bridge to the tip and dark contour along the sides of the nose.
  2. The square rectangular noses in the next diagram require highlight till the nose bridge ending and nothing on the tip, followed by brown contour on the sides and below the tip of the nose.
  3. The triangle diamond nose requires highlight from the bridge till the tip and also from the tear ducts to the cheeks. The brown contour is along the sides of the nose only.
  4. Lastly, for the pentagon oval nose shape there is contour required along the sides of the nose and subtle highlight along the nose bridge.
Pay attention to your nose shape and try only what suits you and slims your nose.

Happy contouring!