Tips For Healthy Winter Lips


The cool, crisp months of winter may prompt you to dress up well and apply makeup without the worry of it melting. But it does come with its share of worries. With the temperatures dipping lower and lower, the problems of dry skin and chapped lips are common. Whipping out your favourite body butter and that luxurious face cream will pretty much take care of skin dryness, but your lips need extra care too. With no oil or sweat glands, out lips are quite vulnerable and require external moisturisation to keep them soft and supple. Being constantly exposed to irritants like environmental pollutants, along with daily habits like licking with the tongue and the rough cold weather can take its toll on the lips making them chapped and dry. Not only it is uncomfortable and unhealthy, wearing lipstick on chapped lips is far from flattering.

To keep your lips healthy and soft this season, here are a few tricks that should come handy:

Make Lip Balm Your Best Buddy: Winters and lip balms go hand in hand. Even if you have the oiliest skin, chances are your lips will feel dry in the winter months.  You need to coat your lips with lip balm as often as possible to prevent them from drying out. Don’t forget to apply lip balm before going to bed and after washing your face/ mouth.

Nourish Your Lips Using Almond Oil: Almond oil is known for it’s brilliant moisturising properties. It contains high levels of Vitamins A and E which soothes and moisturises. No wonder it is often found in skin and hair care products. Get pure almond oil and apply it to your lips every night for deep and nourishing conditioning.

Bring Home A Humidifier: The cold winter air sucks moisture out of the skin. No wonder your skin feels stretchy and parched. A humidifier will help keep your skin hydrated. An alternative to a humidifier is to hold your face over some steaming water once a day. Just be extra careful with boiling water.

Cucumbers Help In Softening Lips: Who said cucumber slices are just for reducing under-eye puffiness? A slice of cucumber on dry and chapped lips will instantly hydrate them. All you need to do is cut a thin slice and hold it to your lips for 3-5 minutes. Do this at least thrice a week and you will be left with softer lips.

Exfoliate Your Lips: To get rid of dry lips, you must try a lip exfoliator. Since the skin on your lips is far more delicate than the skin on your face, a regular facial exfoliator may be too painful. MyGlamm’s Scrubilicious Lip Scrub has fine particles that sloughs off dead cells and skin off your lips without being harsh. It come enriched with jojoba oil that moisturises and nourishes your lips. It also leaves a rosy pink tint behind once the lips are polished. Use it once a week to keep your pout free of flaky skin.

Never Lick Or Bite Your Lips: On the contrary, licking your lips makes them drier rather than hydrating them. Same with biting. The enzymes in your saliva which are used to break down your food will tend to dry your skin faster than usual. So avoid the urge to lick or bite your dry lips. Keep a lip balm handy and apply every time you feel the dryness.

Avoid Drying Matte Lipsticks in Winter: If you are a matte lipstick lover like us, you know the downsides. A lot of matte lipsticks tend to dry up your lips after application. We are not telling you to give up on matte lipsticks for the entire season but to opt for a moisturising formula. MyGlamm’s Butterlicious Shea Butter Creamy Matte Lipsticks are enriched with real shea butter and jojoba oil to give you the matte finish without the dryness. The velvety formula glides on the lips without tugging and you can wear the matte lipstick all day without any discomfort.

Keep yourself hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and lips moist and healthy. The lack of internal moisture can suck the life out of your lips. Hydrated lips are less prone to chapping or cracking. Even during winters, try not to lower your water intake.  Aim to drink the mandatory 5-6 glasses daily.

Discontinue products that irritate your lips: If your lips tend to become rough, tender or swollen after using certain product/s, immediately stop using it. Whether it’s a lipstick, lip balm or lip scrub, if it is irritating your lips, it is not good. Switch to natural alternatives instead. Use natural oils like coconut, olive, almond etc. Keep track of your symptoms and of things that suit or do not suit your lips.