These Simple Nose Contouring Tricks Will Make Your Nose Look Sharper: Beginners' Guide


Who needs a fairy godmother with a magic wand when you have makeup? The thing with makeup is that you can change your look with just a flick of the brush. From getting a chiseled face to making your eyes and lips look bigger to getting doll-like lashes—anything is possible, you just need to know the right technique. If you're tired of searching for ‘how to contour a big nose’, ‘how to make your nose smaller, how to do nose makeup’, ‘how to contour nose to look thinner, ‘ how to contour nose for beginner’ on Google, then you’re in luck! We’re going to show you how to do nose contouring like a pro to get the nose you want without any plastic surgery. It’s going to be a while until you can get back to your old Saturday-night life, so why not use this opportunity to perfect your nose line makeup or nose contour makeup game.

The first rule of nose contouring is that you will need a product that’s one or two shades darker than your skin tone. For your nose contouring makeup products, you can use a dark eyeshadow or a contour palette. If you accidentally bought a foundation that's way too dark for your skin, don’t throw it away! It can be used to contour your face and nose.

Another point to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use your shimmery bronzer to contour. Save it for faking that summer vacay-glow.

Here Are Some Easy Nose Contouring Tricks 

One of the best things about nose makeup is that it’s so versatile and it could fully alter the size of your face. So, here’s a quick roundup of our curation of go-to contour nose steps!


Prep and prime are the basics of any makeup routine. It’s important to first, prep and prime your face if you want a flawless finish. Follow it with a matte foundation and since your nose tends to get oily throughout the day, set your makeup with setting powder to eliminate any shine.

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Get It Straight

Draw two lines starting at the front of your eyebrow and go all the way down to the tip of your nose to get a smooth straight line. If you're scared of not being able to draw a straight line, don’t be! Start by tracing a light line and if you're satisfied with what you see, then darken it. Thinking about how to contour nose to look thinner? If you want to create the illusion of a thinner nose, draw the lines closer together- the closer the lines, the thinner your nose! Do this on either side. For your nose contour, opt for a cream formula first and then add a powder formula to create a more natural look.

Highlight The Bridge

Once you’re done with the lines, take your concealer and nose highlighter the bridge of your nose. Be sure to apply a nose highlighter like a thin line starting from the top of your nose, going all the way down to the tip of your nose.

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How to contour nose in the most perfect way lies in this step. This is the most important step. The guide to getting a perfectly contoured nose is to blend like there’s no tomorrow. If not blended properly, you’ll be left with harsh lines on your face that could ruin your entire look. To make your nose appear narrower, be sure to blend inwards, towards the center of your nose.

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Contour The Tip

Not all of us have a straight tip nose and that’s okay. If you have a bulbous or rounded nose or a larger tip, you’ll notice that it may look more prominent after you blended in your contour at the sides. Wondering how to make your nose smaller? If this is the case, then you might want to skip the highlighter on your nose and instead, follow this nose contouring trick- add a little bit of contour to the tip of the nose and blend it well to make it look smaller.

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Concealer To Make It Thinner

To create the illusion of a thinner nose, apply a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.  Add this on either side of your nose and set it with powder. This nose contour makeup trick will cancel out the shadows and give you a slender nose.


How To Make Your Nose Look Straighter

Some of you are born with a not-so-straight nose and it’s okay. Here comes cosmetic contouring as your savior to make your nose look straighter with some of our contouring tips!


  • You have to use the darkest shade and draw two straight lines down the sides of your nose, and on the outside of those lines, you have to add a line of the medium contouring shade.

  • While you are tracing these lines, don’t follow the natural curve of the bridge, as you want them to be straight, parallel, vertical lines to create the illusion of a more aligned bridge.


  • Now you have to take the highlighting shade and apply a highlight to the concave area of the curve at the center of the bridge which will bring that area forward, erasing any slight curvature.


  • As the next steps, highlight the shadows at your nostrils by patting a couple of dots of the lightest shade there, and then you blend the entire nose by dabbing gently with your ring finger.


How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

While of course, you can’t change the shape of your nose, but you can alter its size with the use of makeup. And if you always wish to make your nose look smaller, here are some great tips that’ll be your aid!


  • You can shorten the look of your nose with a little contour powder. 

  • You should use a concealer brush to place the powder on the tip of your nose, going around the curves of your nostrils.

  • Also, darkening the end of your nose can help visually raise the tip for a shorter and smaller appearance of your nose.

How To Make Your Nose Look Longer

Contouring your nose can help you fake the size of your nose, isn’t that interesting? Here is how you can make your nose look longer in no time!


  • Now, if you want your nose to look longer, instead of darkening the tip of your nose, add a highlight. 


  • Try using a powder with a pretty shimmer finish and with the blending brush, dust the powder onto your nose as if punctuating its tip.

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