What Does Your Makeup Say About You?

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People all over the world have been using makeup since ages not only to enhance their looks but also as a means of self-expression. Both men and women have been using makeup since ancient times and today, makeup comes in all possible colours for all parts and areas of the body (yep, not kidding). Women are known for their love of makeup but men are not far behind.  Makeup is used by people of all races to express who they are, and not to impress other people. But it’s difficult not to wonder about what other people make of your red lipstick or statement eyeliner. With so many colour, texture and finishing choices on offer, makeup can be truly personal just like the personality. What makeup you wear projects you in a certain way and tells a lot about you. Want to know what your makeup says about you? Here’s a simple breakdown…

‘No makeup’ makeup
No, we’re not talking about the no makeup look and not going sans makeup, we’d love it though. Going bare-faced is an indicator of a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Some say lazy, we say confident.

Red lipstick
You are charismatic and upbeat. People naturally gravitate towards your charm. Classic, old Hollywood glamour is your thing, along with high heels and hordes of admirers.

Vamp lips
Fiery by nature, your demeanor is bold and brazen. You are as upfront as they come, and some people may find you intimidating. As for your beauty aspirations, you have either tried everything or are open to trying new (and even bizarre) trend. After all, what is life without a little adventure, just bring it on!

Cat eye
Women who wear cat eyeliner tend to be perfectionists. They don’t mind putting in that extra bit of effort to make sure their eyeliner is even. For them, impact is all about the small details. If perfectly winged eyeliner is your thing, you are meticulous and attentive and don’t miss a thing.

Smokey eye
The smoky eye gives off a mysterious and powerful vibe along with looking uber-stylish. You have a cool, edgy personality and you’re not afraid to show it off! You embrace your sultry side as easily as you embrace being yourself.

Coloured eyeliner
For you, makeup is a form of art. You’ve mastered those Pinterest makeup DIYs while the rest of us struggle to get the basics right. You’re everyone’s style consultant when it comes to what’s trending and also a YouTuber in the making?

Pastel eye shadow
You’re youthful, feminine and carefree. You know what works for you and don’t need a bold statement to look good! Of course, you don’t stick to the same look every day and change your makeup with the occasion, mood and the latest trends. You like celebrating your girly-ness and are anything but boring.

Highly contoured face
A perfectionist who is in tune with her feelings and emotions. Just like your perfectly chiselled features, you don’t shy away from expressing yourself, and it has to be the best version, no less.