Celebs flaunting the no makeup look

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The ‘no makeup’ makeup is definitely a thing and it’s big. We know for sure because it’s everywhere; from runway models to Instagrammers, everybody is embracing the no makeup look. The game plan is to use makeup to enhance one’s natural beauty. It involves wearing natural or neutral colours and well-blended, minimal makeup that will make you look like you like a million bucks effortlessly. A flawless face, bright eyes, groomed brows and soft lips are quintessential for the no makeup makeup. Now, it may sound easy-peasy but getting the perfect no makeup look does require some skill. But as a bonus, this look can be carried out at all occasions and in all seasons. After all who doesn’t want to look naturally beautiful, isn’t it? It’s not a surprise that celebs are not only loving but also happily flaunting the no makeup trend. It’s better than a face slathered with makeup and oh-so-inspiring.

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We have rounded some of our fav celebs who have absolutely mastered the no makeup look.

Priyankan Chopra

Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid

Gal Gadot

Blake Lively

Alia Bhatt

Katrina Kaif

Kiara Advani